Rimmel Scandal'eyes mascara review!

It's not often that I feel the need to to write a review about something so badly, but this mascara let me down so much that I felt I had to share it with you.

Rimmel claim that this mascara has "A Scandalous Brush that is So big yet so precise, our MaxDensity™ brush reveals lashes you never thought you had. 30% wider and denser, with more bristles to capture and coat even the smallest lashes. Combs through clumps for perfect definition Scandalous Formula: Triple collagen + keratin formula with shapes and plumps even the thinnest lashes Scandalous Look: More lashes revealed, corner-to-corner, who needs falsies? +300% instant eye opening impact. Reveals your natural assets like no other!"  and take it from someone who has very sad little lashes, this sounds appealing right? I thought so.

Before I carry on, let me just mention that I have a love/hate type of relationship with Rimmel makeup. I love their lipsticks (Rimmel spotlight beige is my all time favorite nude) and nail polishes, and I liked a few of their other items, but I can't help but feel like it's just not the kind of brand I would tend to gravitate towards, it's a little to "Teenage girl" for me.The last Rimmel mascara I had used before this one was the day to night one which I really didn't like and ended up giving it to my 14 years old sister to use. The fact that the main focus on this mascara is in fact the HUGE brush, I wouldn't normally go for this type of product because not only are my lashes tiny, but I also have zero lid space which means that I tend to go for a Smaller brush to help minimize the lid mess!

I was actually given this mascara, and was not really expecting much and as soon as I applied it I know it was not for me. The brush is just way to big and the formula is really wet but what I dislike the most is how it makes me lashes look. I want my lashes to look long, curled, slightly ticker and just generally fabulous! (I don't ask for much do I?) but sadly, this just didn't deliver......I don't like the orange packaging, but I really don't like the way it applies! it's hard to coat your lashes properly and it just leaves them look very......blah.

Some good things I can say about this is it is very reasonably priced at £6.99 and very easy to get hold of but I can't help but think that my dislike is down to the fact that it's just not what I would look for in a mascara and not really targeted at me anyway.

What do you guys think? have you used it? did you like it?


  1. actually thought of spending 10 quid on rimmel to get this free which is happening at boots right now but WONT TRY as its not miracle and i am clumsy so dont want to waste 1000 wipes!

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  2. The only thing I like from Rimmel are the nailpolishes. The mascara doesn't dry, its brush is way too big, the formula is too thin and I almost get a rash from the TV commercialch which is shown on TV every minute (at least, that is what it feels like). I really learned my lesson to not waste any more money on Rimmel mascaras.

  3. I actually really like it, yes it is a big brush and wet it works really well on my eyelashes check my blog I have a post on it, I like a lot of rimmel products x