Nails de jour

I will be the first to confess I am a nail polish junkie,yes  My name is Avia and i'm addicted to nail polish. I was in boots the other day and felt like buying a few nail polishes (as you do). They all ended up being by BARRY M because I love those polishes....grate colors, amazing formulas, good staying power and easy to remove (You may think that's an odd thing to say, but after my little incident with  the purple sex and the city polishes I now truly appreciate an easy to remove polish). The one I am loving at the moment is shade 273 raspberry.

This is such a grate winter shade.....a rich, glossy deep but not too vampy red. And as you can see I am pretty pale at the moment and I love how this shade works with my skin tone.

What nail polishes are you in love with at the moment?



This is just a fast ootd post for you, as I really liked my outfit today and meant to take a proper photo for you, but ended up being late (how unusual) so you will have to make do with this one sadly............

T shirt- New look
Blazer- H&M
Jeans- Gap
Shoes-New look
Bag- Ebay

This is a silly  photo and I only took it being silly, but I do kind of like it (plus if you watch my channel you will know how i'm loving hats atm!)

Hope you are all having a fab weekend:)




Look at me being a good blogger and posting so often! am feeling rather proud of myself!

Stupidity aside, we will now  move on to the real purpose of this post, an outfit of the day. I went out with my man for a dinner date as we always make sure we go out and do things together and make sure to still go out on proper dates even though we have been together for almost 3 years.(On a side note, I love him to bits and couldn't be happier:)

What I wore:

Jacket- H&M for £14.99
Dress-Beals for the bargain price of £7!
Shoes-New look for £19.99
Hair-Messy, I couldn't be bothered to go over it with GH'DS look.

I love this outfit because I think the neutral shades work really well together and I think the look is sexy (pretty booby I know!) but still cute at the same time....kind of like what I think kim k would ware to the races or something. On that note I am going to love you leave you and go and watch "Crazy stupid love"...Have a good evening.   


Wedding OOTD!

So as you know I was going to a friends wedding today and finding an outfit was a nightmare! I knew what I wanted but was just not sure what I should wear......in the end what I had been planing went out the window and I settled on this:

(Yes I know.....poser!  but you do feel rather awkward standing in the middle of the street! )

I love how it turned out as it looks very fun and playful.

A little FOTD:

Hope you all have a fab weekend!


The most unusual lip products ever -Collection 2000 cream

It is always amazing when an inexpensive high street bard come out with something really different. In terms of make up, I find it to be more admirable  when it's the formula that is the new part and not the shade. The cream puff truly are unlike any other lip product on the market. I like to think of it as a cross between a powder blush for lips and a lip balm. Collection 2000 describe it as "Enriched with a hyper-moisturizing, vitamin-rich formula, the creamy color hugs lips to give your pout the perfect powdery finish." and  I couldn't agree more. This is what it looks like:

Theses are so lovely and moisturizing, and feel super light on the lips like you have just got a thin layer of lip balm on.You need to smudge them in a little for a softer effect, but once they are on they are there to stay! The shading selection is not amazing with only 4 shades, but they are all very pretty and wearable so what more can you ask for?

All in all I think collection 2000 have really nailed it on the head with thses because not only are they an amazing unique product, they are an absolute bargin at £2.99! rush out and pick one up.......you will love them!


Moroccanoil dupe-Vo5 miracle concentrate

I am always one for products that promise you healthier, glossier hair. But sadly, being the beauty junkie that I am, I always tend to go for the cult products (yes mr YSL touche eclat  i'm talking to you) but I really should know better by now as they often are so easily dupeable and very often, not the best option out there anyway.

That was why I was beyonde existed to try the Moroccanoil hair oil treatment. I love the idea of these types of products as they tend to be super nourishing but very light weight, which works well with my very curly hair because it is so long, a cream tends to weight it down so a light oil should be perfect. Moroccanoil claims  the treatment:

  • Revives hair.
  • Strengths and conditions.
  • Reduces drying time.

Well......it doesn't.I do however,love the packaging, the colors are amazing and I adore how chic  the glass bottle looks  (although not so grate for traveling.)

So the  question remains,  is it worth it's cult product status? 
At a very hefty price tag (at around £30 per 100 ml) I can sadly (well not very sad for your bank account but still...) say no, it's not. The oil name perhaps is deceiving because it is not a very oily consistency, it's more like a thick serum and for that reason I find it's harder for your hair to absorb it. Don't get me wrong ladies, it's a nice product, but for £30 you want something that will really benefit your hair.

So I went about my life after I finished the bottle of moroccanoil, not planing on buying it again but still wanting somthing similar, that nourished my hair, reduced frizz and left my silky and glossy. So you could imagine how existed I was when I found out vo5 was doing a similar product (both products main ingredients are  Argan oil and silicon I may add.) coincidentally, due to the hype over the moroccanoil a few more companies have since launched similar things, but none as inexpensive as the vo5 one.That was why I felt trying the vo5 one would be the most interesting as the are both from totally different ends of the price scale. The vo5 miracle concentrate is £5 per 50 ml (but very often even less as it goes on sale  for around £3!) and  I love it. It claims to:

  • Condition dry,frizzy and damaged hair.
  • Leave hair soft and smooth
  • Add shine
  • Reduce drying time and damage from heat styling.
And it does!
This really is amazing for the price because it is the same as the M'oil (I'm sure you know what that is short for?) in that is is not an oil, its a serum and the best part of all is it leaves my hair feeling noticeably less damaged and although the packaging is not as sleek as the M'oil, it is still pretty cute and I love the little pipit. It is also plastic so much more traval friendly.

Another thing I love about the vo5 product is how widely available it is. The M'oil is only available online or in selected hair salons,where as the Vo5 miracle concentrate is available in Boots, Superdrug and most major supermarkets! So super easy to get your hands on. In this  particular case you can't help but wonder do all cult products really deserve the hype or are we just creating the hype ourselves so it's more existing? so we feel like we are getting a piece of the amazing "it" product and feel like we are really treating ourselves? maybe. But among-st all the hype we forget something extremely  important:
Is it really worth it? Not in this case.

My weight: weight gain,weight loss and natural weight.

So like I said in my video, we all have a natural body  weight and this is just a small post showing and explaining to you my body.

Before you carry on do make sure you have watched the video or i'm pretty sure you will be thinking "what the hell is she on about?"

This is a photo of me at my biggest:

Now looking back at it, I see I was not huge, but I felt it and I just didn't feel like me.....it was the day after this photo was taken I desided I needed to lose weight.

Long story short, I lost the weight. it took a year, but I did it and I was pretty thin.....

But the this was, once I started losing weight I had a very clear idea in my head of what I wanted and was very healthy about it. But pretty soon I felt it was not working fast enough, and became obsessed with doing it and losing the weight.
My natural body is the one I feel OK with and I know I can eat without thinking about it going straight to my backside. Doing YouTube and blooging has helped me so much when I think about, it has helped me realize that being healthy is the most important things and that we are all so different, and I have found so much support in just talking about this stuff! talking is key. And about what I said about being healthy? it is true, but I think being happy is my number one. A happy body is what we should all be trying to achieve.