Products i'v used up #2!

Products mentioned;
Boots ingredients coconut & almond intensive hair mask
RADOX moisture soak
Veet Hair minimising body moisturiser
Veet wax strips
LACURA body lotion
ORIGINAL SOURCE Shower gel in British strawberry and extra strong black mint
MAXFACTOR false lash effect fusion mascara
*dermalogica multivitamin thermafoliant
SANCTUARY warming microbrasion polish (read my review here
No7 pampering dry oil body spray
*ELEMIS tranquil touch indulgent bath elixir
Garnier minral deodorant

What products have you been trying to use up?



The best foundations for your skin type

The foundations mentioned:
Best for dry skin:
MAC mineralize stainfinish
MAC face and body (watch a review and demo here-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0DNVdeHbXs)
Best for oily skin:
REVLON colorstay
No7 beautifully matte (watch a review and demo here-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuiECxzih5M)
Best for combination skin:
NARS sheer glow
Healthy mix

Hope you enjoy this video!


Hot cloth cleansers overview!

Products mentioned in this video:
Soap&Glory fab pore hot cloth cleanser (read my review here-http://thesparkleicious.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/review-time-sopa-fab-pore-hot-cloth.html)
No7 beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser-(Read my review here-http://thesparkleicious.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/review-time-no7-beautiful-skin-hot.html)
I also found where you can buy the Bnatural cleanser I mentioned:

Hope you enjoy this video!



My thoughts on the DR NICK LOWE purifying foaming cleanser and oil control day cream

I'm always a fan of simple skin care that mixes hard working ingredients with science, and this is exactly what you get with these fab Dr Nick Lowe products. Dr Nick Lowe is British dermatologist who practices at his Cranley clinics in London and LA and his skin care philosophy is a very simple one. He believes in  prevention and repair using clinically tested products with the highest quality ingredients. Now I for one find that idea really refreshing as I feel like there is so much skin advice out there and we as consumers are always being told about "the next big thing" that it can sometimes seem very confusing, especially if you have problematic skin .

2 years ago, my skin took a turn for the worst. I say this in a very dramatic voice as I have always had pretty good skin, but for some reason I started getting regular breakouts on my forehead and chin area, so I turned the Dr Nick Lowe products, I got the cleanser, toner and the day cream and I loved them all. They cleared my skin up without drying it, but for some reason I didn't bother to review them (probably because my blog didn't exist then, and I felt silly making a video about 3 products....I was just starting out then ok?! haha) but I was very kindly sent these to review, which is gr8 because I knew I liked them already, and due to hormonal changes, my skin has not been it's best lately so they came just in time.

First up we have the Dr Nick Lowe purifying foaming cleanser. This is a anti-bacterial foaming face wash that cleanses deep down your pores and removes daily impurities without over stimulating sebum secretion, which is very important as I know if you suffer from oily skin and blemishes it can seem very tempting to want to remove all the oil from your skin, but all that does is makes your skin feel stripped and therefor it  overcompensates  by producing more oil, and so thevicious cycle continues.This cleanser contains plant enzyme exfoliators to help get rid of dead skin cells whiles other active ingredients help  regulate surface oils and keep bacteria away. It comes in a white, pump action bottle that dispenses foam, which I then apply on my wet face, massage my skin and rinse off. What you are left with is super,soft, clean skin that feel fresh, yet not dry. In terms of consistency It's a thin, light foam that feels lovely to apply, and really does help prevent blemishes (I must also point of I use this after I use my first cleanser with my clerasonic, to double cleanse) .At £10.20 per 120ml this is not the cheapest cleanser on the market, but it's not expensive either, and is available in larger Boots stores nation wide.

The oil control day cream is £15.31 per 50ml and I would highly recommend this cleanser if you have oily skin, but you are a little older and want something a little more special that just a regular oil-free moisturizer.
It's described as a unisex daily cream that is light and has UV protection to help regulate surface oils, and deliver ultimate hydration. I love everything about this product, it has a lightweight, yet hydrating formula and leaves your skin feeling super smooth, yet not oily or shiny. It's a grate base under makeup and I just think it's a class above your average moisturizer for oily skin.

These are not the most hyped products, nor the most glamorous or pretty, yet the have something that is truly important, and often over looked in the beauty world: They really do work!

Have any of you used these? what did you think? I have heard good things about the Dr Nick Lowe eye creams, have any of you used those?


My Top 10 nail polishes!

In the order I mentioned then, these are the nail polishes;
1)Nails INC villers street
2)Barry M raspberry 
3) Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in runway red-y
4)CIATE jelly bean
5)JADE Melrose
6)Nails INC hanover street
7)Nails INC basil street
8)Barry M mushroom
9)Sex and the city new York nail bar set- The shade charlotte (here is the link, it’s also half price atm!
10)TOPSHOP moonsine

So what are your top 10 nail polishes? I’d love to know! X




A few days ago I got a phone call from my man asking if I could come and open the door for him as he had bags in his hand, so I opened my front door and there, on the floor was a grey and pink cardboard box.....I knew what it was! what I was unsure about, is why my postman has this annoying habit of leaving my packages outside the front door, instead of ringing the door bell. I am almost always home during the morning, so it's just lazy on his part!

Now that my little rant is over, it's time to share with you what I got in my box!

MEMEME sensuous nail gloss- I do like MEMEME products, and this is a really pretty color (i'm wearing it now) but it's just not the most flattering shade on my coloring....lovely shade if you are a little paler though.  

BM BEAUTY summer warmth bronzer-This comes in a cute tiny little sample pot, and I was terrified to open it in case it went all over the floor as it's a loose bronzer, but it's was actually mess free! It's described as a multi- purpose pure mineral bronzer, and it really is a beautiful shade, but i'd wear it on my eyes as it's pretty shimmery....it looks lovely on eyes, a really soft, bronze peach color.

CAUDALIE EAUX FRAICHS- I know fragrance samples are usually pretty controversial, and i'm normally the first to agree with that, but this truly is the exception.  Not only is it a beautiful, fresh scent, but  at last it comes in a good size glass bottle with a spritzer! no more of those silly little bottles of perfume with a screw top that go everywhere! this is the perfect thing to carry around in your hand bag to freshen up.

GLOSSYBOX Pro beauty brush- This is a natural goat hair blush brush that feels like it's decent enogh quality, and I think brushes are always handy to have around.

VICHY DERMABLEND ULTRA CORRECTIVE FOUNDATION CREAM STICK- I was super excited about these as  they seem so high coverage, and it's grate you get to try so many shades, but they are not as much coverage as I was thinking they were  going to be. 

So that's it.....over all it's a nice box, and I do love the fragrance but there was no stand out product for me this month....maybe next time? but until then, let me know what you got in yours.

*This was sent to me as  PR sample, but as always, I am giving my honest opinion.



How to get rid of cellulite!

Products mentioned:
GARNIER Bodytonic firming lotion
Boots epsom salt
Botanics body brush
Soap&Glory sit tight xs
SPA find sculpted silhouette inchwrap firming gel and super cellulite cream.

I hope this helps you with the battle against cellulite!


$20 makeup challenge TAG!

What did I use to create a full face of make in under £20?

MUA blush in shade 4 £1
MUA bronzer in shade 3 £1
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer  in shade 3 medium £4.19
Rimmel stay matte powder £3.99
Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara £4.99
Natural collection eyshadow in milk chocolate £1.79
MUA lipstick in shade 13 £1
Powder brush £1
Eye brush £1

Total:  £19.96

I hope you like it!



HOW TO:prepare your skin and maintain your fake tan!

I feel so much better about myself  when I have a tan, and because the weather here is so, well, pants, I need to use fake tan. Fake tan is a pretty tricky thing to do on your own, but I have mastered it now because I know how important it is to prepare your skin pre tan and what to do to keep your tan looking fresh. A few other tips I didn’t mention are to pat yourself dry rather than rub, to help stop the tan from rubbing off, and try to not use any harsh bar soap that can dry out your skin, causing the tan to wear off more easily.
If you want to watch my fake tan video (about what I use and how to apply it) you can watch it here:
Products mentioned:
*SOAP&GLORY pulp friction body scrub
*ayuuri body wash
*Good things soothing body lotion
*SUN labs tan maintainer
ST TROPZ moisturiser
THE BODY SHOP brazil nut body butter
ALMAY sunless tanning gel for face

Products marked with a * were sent to me as a PR sample.
What am I wearing?
Nails-No7 teal
Top- H&M
Scarf- Accessorize
My makeup: NARS sheer glow foundation in the shade Barcelona, MAC sable e/s, JEMMA KID volume mascara, RIMMEL silky loose powder, MUA bronzer in no 4, MAC paint pot in bare study, Sleek highlighter in medium, No7   lip liner in nude, MAC ravishing lipstick.



Review time-No7 Beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser

You know I adore hot cloth cleansers, and this is another one I have been testing out. I love the luxuriousness of using a hot cloth cleanser, because it really makes you feel pampered, and lets face it, we all love that!

No7 describe this as a hot cloth cleanser that's suitable for all skin types, and reveals soft, hydrated radiantly smooth skin and the process removes dead skin cells whilst stimulating circulation.....sound promising right? This cleanser cost £10 but to be honest, I never buy No7 products full price. I always, always wait till you can get those £5 off No7 vouchers because I feel like they are slightly over priced for what they are, so in my eyes this cleanser cost £5, and is all I would pay for it.

I know that at this point you are thinking "how similar is it to the classic Liz Earle C&P?" and I can say it's not at all like the C&P, but in a nice way....I like the packaging of this product and you get allot for your money with 200ml, and a muslin cloth to polish it off with. It does feel very rich and luxurious on the skin, and has a lovely thick, creamy texture. As far as scent goes, it has a very clean fresh smell, and if you are a regular user of No7 products you will know the scent I mean. I have been using this cleanser at night and my skin always feels very smooth and clean, but I do think it would probably be more suited for someone with dryer skin, as it is pretty hydrating.

So there you have it, my thoughts on yet another hot cloth cleanser, i'm a little obsessed! so if you were wondering what to do with your No7 vouchers, I would give this cleanser a go, especially if  your skin is a little dehydrated. 

Have you used this before? what do you use your No7 vouchers on?


Product rave-GINVERA Green Tea whitening marvel gel.

I was very kindly sent this product (Along with the BB cream, which I also love) and when I first got this I was a little unsure due to the fact it says it's "whitening" and that it's a blackhead remover, it just sounded a little odd and I have never seen a product like this before, so I didn't know what to expect.

My skin is the kind of skin that really needs help with it's cell turnover, so I use exfoliating products on a regular basis and  GINVERA say that dead skin is the main culprit of all skin issues, and claim the marvel gel reaches deep it to the pores to remove the dead skin that clogs up the pores and cause blackheads, which can lead to spots. Now, My skin is the kind of skin that tends to get little blackhead on my outer cheek area, but they tend to stay very small unless I give in and pick at them (which I do not advise, no matter how tempting it is!)  so I was really looking forward to using this.

You are meant to apply this on clean,dry skin and dot it all over your face, then rub it in (with dry fingers) for  a few minutes. What happens in those few minutes is pretty remarkable. The gel turns in to a kind of odd, crumbly texture (all I can compare it to is if you use CLARINS beauty flash balm and instead of smoothing it on to the skin you rub it in and it turns in to a crumbly,dry sort of texture) and it feel really satisfying, almost as if all the dead skin is rubbing off your face. The most amazing thing though, happens after you wash your face with warm water. My skin felt so smooth and soft, it was so clean and fresh looking, I was really  surprised.

I'm aware the hole concept of whitening products is a little controversial, but in this case I think the actual whitening effect is not noticeable at all, and I not am going to worry about it, I think it just has a brightening effect on the skin. The marvel gel claims to rub away blackhead painlessly, and give your skin a more refined  look, and I do agree it makes your skin look fabulous but i'm not 100% sold by "removes blackhead painlessly" don't get me wrong, there is no pain involved,but it didn't remove all my blackheads just yet. They recommend you use it daily, but I have been using it 3 times a week as I didn't want to overload my skin. 

The marvel gel is available here http://www.janiro.co.uk/Marvel-Gel.html, and costs £22, so it's not super cheap, but it's not pricey either and I honestly think that over all it's a lovely product, and I would be interested in trying out some more products who know, maybe my skin will end up looking as close to perfect as it can get!

Have any of you tried it? what do you think of the concept of a blackhead remover? 



Makeup for busy women!

In today’s world we are all so busy all the time that sometimes we need to save a little time in the morning, and what better way to do so than to perfect the perfect 10 minute makeup look?

Products used :
*GINVERA Green Tea Nude Cover BB cream
JEMMA KIDD MAKEUP SCHOOL  1-glamour volume mascara (They are giving this away in this month’s RED magazine, go out and buy one!)
AVON professional kohl  in black
Natural Collection eyshadow in crushed walnut
No7 lip liner in nude
RIMMEL silky loose powder
MAC lipglass in Miss Marble

Products marked with a * were sent to me as a PR sample, for honest review purposes.



Toner: Must have or unnecessary?

Toner is one of those skin care items that most people are in 2 camps about. Or you love it and can't be without it, or you think it's just an unnecessary step. The basic idea behind a toner is to remove any residue left over from your cleanser, refresh your skin, and help to tighten up your pores. Some have extra benefits such as helping the PH balance of your skin or fighting acne, but in general that's what they do.

I have dabbled over the years in toner, stating off as a religious believer in the cleanse,tone and moisturize method, to only using face wash and a SPF during the day.When I first stopped using toner I was surprised at how much my skin didn't seem to miss it. But then after a while my skin just didn't feel right (but it looked fine) and I reverted back to using toner. At one point when I was very very busy I would just spritz my face with a thermal water (such as the Avene thermal water spray here-  http://www.boots.com/en/Eau-Thermal-Avene-Water-Spray-150ml_1586/) but I still think, for my skin anyway you can't beat the feeling of using toner on your skin.

There is allot of controversy when it comes to toner as to weather or not it should be alcohol free. I personally believe it's very much down to your skin and how it reacts. My skin is pretty hardy and can take some pretty harsh products (not that that's good for your skin, but i'm just saying my skin can take it) but I still like to use a more natural  toner (at the moment I am loving the Liz Earle toner, read my review here-http://thesparkleicious.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/review-time-liz-earle-instant-boost.html) just because I think it's a little better for your skin. 

I think I can safely say that nowadays my skin care routine would not feel right with out a toner, but I do understand those who feel it's a little pointless, especially if you have dry skin.

What do you think? is it a yay or nay for toner, and if you love it what is your favorite toner?



Spa Find Sculpted Silhouette review!

If you are anything like me chances are you will be looking for anything that can give your body a little tightening up, and I have just the thing for you.

Products mentioned:

*Inchwrap gel exfoliant

*Inchwrap firming gel

*Inchwrap super cellulite cream


What am I wearing?


Nails- Misguided no 20

Lips- REVLON pink about it in no 004


  *Products marked with a * were sent to me as a PR sample, but that will in no way effect my opinion of the product, I’m always 100% honest.





Review time-Soap&Glory peaches&clean deep cleansing milk!

I know I have recently been mentioning lots of  S&G products, but I have been really enjoying them ! I have had this cleanser for a few weeks now, after telling myself I was not going to buy it (I do that very often, I  often fail) but I caved and bought it because some lovely YouTube ladies had been raving about it (Missbudgetbeauty and HollyTMBB i'm talking to you!) saying how amazing it was in conjunction with the clarsonic, so I felt it would be an injustice to my clarsonic not to buy it.....but sadly, I was wrong.

Before you think this is going to be a bad review, I should mention that I do really like this cleanser. S&G describe it as a 4-in1 deep wash off deep cleansing milk that is suitable for all skin types ,has a special clogged T-zone formula and can purify, energize and melt away makeup. It contains some lush ingredients such as peach extract and jojoba oil, and has the most incredible scent, most people say it smells like peaches (hence the name) but it's not just your average peachy scent, to me it sells like a peach mojito, it has something slightly fresh and minty about it. In terms of consistency, the word milk is pretty accurate. It's a thin, white milky texture that feel nice on the skin, but it's not my thing in terms of texture, I prefer a thicker, creamier consistency, but that is really down to personal preference.

For £7 you get 200ml of product,which  comes in your typical pretty S&G packaging and in a pump action bottle, so it's very comfortable to use.  My main issue with this cleanser is that fact that I just don't think it works very well with the clarsonic,(my perfect match is the Nutrogene visibly clear 2in1 wash and mask),it's just too thin for my liking, I actually prefer is used alone, because when used with the clarsonic it kind of disappears in to nothing, and leaves the brush a little stark (if that's the right word).

Overall, I think the hype around this product worked against it, because I was expecting something really amazing, and while it's a nice cleanser,and it smells amazing, it has made no visible difference to my skin  and it just doesn't work for me in terms of consistency, I have been using it every morning and my face just isn't left as clean as I would like, and lets face it, while it's not expensive, it's not the cheapest cleanser too, and the price would be no issue for me if this was a product that I adored, but I just like it, and i'm not sure a "like" is worth paying £7 to buy it again.

What do you guys think? have any of you used it?



Blush professional 88 color hot earth eyeshadow palette review!

We all want to have a huge collection of amazing makeup, but sometimes it can get very pricey and if you are just starting out with makeup, you want something inexpensive and easy to wear. I was very kindly sent this blush professional 88 colour hot earth eyeshadow palette to review and I have been wearing it lots since it arrived in the post. The shades in this palette are perfect for a neutral eye lover like me, and you have a fabulous mix of shimmer and matte shades. The quality and pigmentation of these shadows  is lovely, and the shadows stay put on my eyes and don’t crease (I do have to use an eye primer because I have very oily lids!) and at a bargain price of £8.99 it’s defiantly worth a try!

Products mentioned in  this video:

*Blush professional 88 colour hot earth eyeshadow palette RRP £8.99 and is available here:

What I’m wearing:
Nails- CIATE jelly bean
Lips- REVLON lip butter in sweet tart (dabbed on lightly)
Scarf- Accessorize 



Review time: BRTC Jasmine water BB Cream!

You may Have noticed that I have never mentioned anything about BB creams on my blog or on my channel, and being the beauty junkie that I am, you may have found this a little strange. Just in case any of you at this point are thinking "what the hell is a BB cream?" I shall explain. In a nutshell, a BB cream means a blemish balm, or a blemish base and the idea behind it is normally creating skincare products that provide multiple benefits such as an SPF, coverage, along with brightening and moisturizing the skin. Basically it's like a tinted moisturizer with added skin care goodies packed in it.

I have to admit, when the hole BB cream craze started, I was possibly the only blogger/YouTuber  that remained  unphased by the hole concept. I found it interesting, but it was not something that I was excited to try and  I was more than happy to just sit this one out.. But seen as how I try so many products on a daily basis, I felt it was high time I finally tried a BB cream!

I was very kindly sent the BRTC Jasmine water BB Cream (Available here-http://www.brtcstore.com/brtc/jasmine-bb-cream-spf-30) and as soon as I saw it I was  intrigued. It comes in really lovely purple and silver tube and smells AMAZING, really fresh and juicy (Although rather oddly, not at all like jasmine in my opinion). BRTC claim this BB cream is perfect for dry, sensitive skin that is prone to darkness and blemishes and is in need of some brightening. It is meant to provide natural and radiant coverage, mosturise the skin while controlling oils and not clogging up your pores. As for the sun protection this product provides, it's a little controversial in my eyes. It has an SPF of 30 PA++ which stands for the protection grade against UVA rays, but as there is no current uniform measure of UVA absorption, the PA is only a rough indicator as to the amount of UVA protection the sunscreen offers, So I still wore my normal sunscreen underneath it. 

The BB cream does give your skin a real glow, and the coverage is surprisingly good (But unless your skin is perfect, you will need some concealer, and if you have oily skin a powder is a must!) but my main issue with this product is the shade. I am fully aware of the fact that i'm not super pale, but i'm not dark at the moment (blame the UK weather) and this  product is extremely pale on the skin. This may be down to the fact that it claims to be whitening, or due to it's high SPF content, but it's so pale on my skin tone it makes my skin look like I have applied a really thick sun cream and it's not fully sunkken in to my skin , leaving a white tint on my face. I will say that it does settle in to my skin after a while, but it is still far to pale if you have similar coloring to me, and as far as I can see this only comes in one shade. If you have pale skin, this will be fine for you, but anyone a little darker will struggle to make this work for them, which is a shame because I am starting to come around to the idea of BB creams....

What do you think? have you used this?



All about my hair-TAG!

This is just a silly little tag, but just in case you wanted to do it too here are the questions;
1. When was the first time you got your hair cut?
2. When was the first time you got your hair colored, highlighted, etc.?
3. Hair product you cannot live without.
4. Hair product you regret buying.
5. What color do you want to dye your hair next?
6. What color have you always wanted to dye your hair?
7. Next product you really want to buy?
8. What is a hyped up product that never worked for you.
9. What do you think about extentions?
10. One hair care rule you never follow.
11. Do you use vitamins to improve the health of your hair?
12. If so, have they worked for you?
13. Who is your hair idol?

What am I wearing?
Nails- CIATE Jelly bean (Love it!)
Lips-Jemma Kid lipgloss in no 17 petal 




Hey guys! Sorry I have been away for this long, I have a nightmare of a weekend (our car broke down) but nonetheless, I’m back with a little outfit of the day for you. I had a few little things to pick up and I had a coffee with my boyfriend (and just so you know I have decided I much prefer COSTA to STARBUCKS) so my outfit is very simple, but girly.

Jumper- Dorothy Perkins

Plain black tank top- Primark

Skirt (I am obsessed with this skirt!)- This is from TOPSHOP and I find it so easy to wear and super flattering if you have a larger bottom half like me. If you want to take a look it’s available here  http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33057&storeId=12556&productId=4937791&langId=-1&sort_field=Price%20Ascending&categoryId=208530&parent_categoryId=203984&pageSize=20

Tights- M&S

Boots- These are from ASOS and I highly recommend these, they are so lovely and come in so many different shades but I think the navy is just a little unusual and just as easy to wear as black. If you want to look at them, they are available here http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-AGGIE-Suede-Western-Ankle-Boots/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1892242&SearchQuery=aggie%20boots&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Navy

Jewellery- My necklace was a gift from a family member, and my ring is from Swarovski crystal.




Review time- Sopa&Glory The fab pore hot cloth cleanser.

Every since I used the classic cult hot cloth cleaner by Liz Earle, I have been slightly obsessed with hot cloth cleansers. I don't what it is about them, but I just love applying them and giving my skin a really deep cleanse and I've tried so many over the years, the latest one being the S&G version.

The concept behind a hot cloth cleanser is simple: A cream cleanser is applied on dry skin, massaged in, and removed with a muslin cloth to give the skin a gentle exfoliation and give it a more polishes appearance. I know some of you like to use hot cloth cleansers to remove your make up as they do do a fabulous job at it, but I'm not one of those girls. I just think it's better to remove your makeup properly with an oil-based makeup remover and then cleanse your skin (i'm a huge believer in double cleansing anyway) and that way you also use less product as well.

The S&G hot cloth cleanser comes in the typical retro-cute packaging that we all know and love, and is described by S&G as a hot cloth cleanser that has a 3in1 deep purifying formula, and has panthenol, sweet almond, orange and lavender oils in it.Now, a word of warning for those of you who are fans of fragrance-free products, this has a very,very strong lavender scent (so also a warning for lavender haters) which I personally love, but it may not be for everyone.

In terms of consistency, it's a thick, lush feeling cream that is easy to massage in to your skin and it also comes with a free muslin cloth for you to use to remove the cleanser. I rub this all over my skin while it's dry, let is sit for a few minutes and then run the muslin cloth under hot water and place it on my face to act as a facial steamer. I then use it to polish the cleanser off in circular motions, and then run the cleanser under cold water to just close up my pores and refresh my skin. The only thing I have to say about this cleanser is for some reason, when I use it on my lips it leaves them feeling a little tingly, almost like I applied a lip plumping product...it's not unpleasant, but it's just something to bare in mind. In terms of price and availability, you can buy this in boots stores, online, and on the Soap&Glory website for £10 per 100ml so it's not over priced, but it's not the best in terms of what you get for your money (The No7 cleanser for example is also £10 but you get 200ml) but it is a really lovely cleanser, and another grate performing product by S&G.

Have any of you used it? what did you think?

*I was very kindly sent this by Soap&Glory as a PR sample.


Review time-SPA FIND salt brushing natural body exfoliation.

You all know how much I love at-home pamper nights.Nothing beats that cared for and pampered feeling you get when you give yourself the full treatment:  Body brushing, using a body scrub and a face scrub, a face mask and a hair mask and then getting out the bath and applying  a lovely body butter....ahhh just saying it is putting me in pamper mode!

I was very kindly sent a few products to review by the lovely Kelly at SPA FIND, and I have been using them for the past few days (fear not, all reviews will follow!) and last night I gave the SPA FIND Heavenly Hydration salt brushing natural body exfoliation a try. The ethos behind their products is lovely as they use non-comedogenic formulas that infuse natural de-ionised  water and pure dead sea minerals  and organic plants extracts, and their products contain no parabens or animal ingredients, so I was very happy to try them out.

The salt brushing treatment is a an exfoliation treatment that combines dead sea salt (to remove dead skin cells) and vitamin E and coconut oil to soften the skin. The difference with this product is, you use it on dry skin and it's really unlike most body scrubs i'v ever used. The salt grains are quite large and I would advise standing in the bath or shower  while applying it, unless you fancy having salt all over your bathroom, which i'm sure you don't! After  rubbing it all over your skin in circular motions (while it's dry) you are then meant to step in a warm bath to help detoxify your skin and leave you feeling relaxed, and your skin smooth and soft. It was a real pleasure to use and my skin felt very soft and smooth (on a side note, this is not a good scrub to use pre-fake tan as it leaves a slight oily residue on your skin that will prevent the tan from working) and has a very relaxing scent.  I felt super relaxed and pampered, and got in to bed feeling amazing....that was until the phone rang and my night turned in to the most unlucky night ever, but we will leave that for another post!

If any of you want to take a look at some more SPA FIND products, visit this website:



She said beauty- June box!

It seems like the beauty world these days is being dominated by beauty boxes. I love the idea of getting a little box of girly surprises every month and been able to try out products that you may have not  heard of before, or even  picked  yourself but once you try them you may be very pleasantly surprised . I was very kindly sent SHESAIDBEAUTY’S June box to try out, so here are my thoughts!

For £9 +p&p you receive 5 beauty samples delivered to your door step every month, so take a look at the SHESAIDBEAUTY website- https://www.shesaidbeauty.com/beauty-box?gclid=CP7pzKOfr7ACFcUmtAodlRb8TQ

In this box I got:

A sample of the Yardley London Royal Diamond Eau de toilette-  A lovely fresh floral scent that I would have never really looked at, but I really like! Full size costs £9.99

Balance me super moisturizing hand cream – A rich hand cream with a lovely herbal scent, perfect handbag material!  A full 30ml would cost you £6.00 and a full size 100ml would cost you £14.50.

Elemis tranquil touch indulgent bath elixir- I love Elemis products and this is not exception, it smells amazing  and I can’t wait to have a bath with it! Full size costs £19.00.

St Tropez gradual tan everyday body moisturiser –We all hear fab things about  St Tropez products and I’m really looking forward to trying this out. Full size costs £14.30

Let’s go lashes- Very dramatic, sexy lashes! Perfect  for a night out. Cost £8.95

Bonus sample- Ginvera green tea nude cover BB cream sample- Full size cost £20.

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? If so, what did you get in yours thins month?