Amie Morning Dew matte-finish moisturiser

My skin has always been pretty oily, and while I tend to use an SPF most mornings, on days where I don't have to leave the house, I like to use a light oil-free moisturizer. This offering by Amie claims to provide you with the softest, dewiest shine-free skin, which is right up my street!

Amie products are fast becoming one of the best skin care brands from the drugstore that cater to young skin, with a pretty, girly approach rather than the "FAST! SPOTS! OIL! ATTACK WITH SUPER HARSH PRODUCTS!" approach most brands targeting young skin tend to go for (Ok they don't shout, but you get the idea) and I think it's a refreshing change. This moisturizer doesn't contain mineral oil, parabens or sulfates, and is good for those of you who are perhaps vegan.

In all honesty when it comes to an oil-free moisturizer you can't really expect much, apart from it helping to keep your skin nice and matte, and this does just that. It has a lightweight texture that absorbs pretty fast, and has a yellow tint to it.....not sure what that does, but felt it worth a mention. It's very cheap and like all Amie products, smells amazing,  so what more could you ask for?

Amie morning dew matte-finish moisturizer is available here  and in most boots stores, for a very reasonable £4.95.   


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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

I have been testing this range for a while now, and while I don't love every items from the line, I do really love the idea behind the brand. Lilly farm fresh products  are all made in a farm in Colorado, and are all made from fresh grown ingredients that are USDA certified organic. Maybe it's just me but I picture a little house in someones garden, where lovely ladies sit and make amazing natural skin care products.....ok, so i'm assuming it doesn't really work that way, but it does sound cool right?

I picked a few products from the line made for normal skin, but they do have ranges suited to other skin types as well. All the products come in lovely glass packing that would not look out of place in a shop, but still manage to look very natural.

First up we have the seaweed balancing cleanser. This is one of those products that I feel like the idea was amazing, but it's just not what I was looking for in terms of texture. It claims to tone, detoxify, balance & cleanse the skin. I have used this in the morning and while it's not unpleasant, it didn't leave my skin feeling super clean and the texture was very runny.Next, the balancing facial toner. I adore using toners that come in a spray bottle in the morning, there's something so refreshing about it don't you think? Anyway, this is really lovely. I just mist it over my face in the morning and it works a treat. It does have a very natural, strong herbal scent which I don't mind, but other may find too much. The oil free conditioning serum is my top pick from the range, it's a lightweight serum that really helps to mattify my skin ans sinks in beautifully. Bliss. Last but not least we have the rejuvenating enzyme mask. It's suggested you use this daily which I find rather strange for a mask, I only use them twice a week but this is rather odd.....if I didn't know any better I would say it's just a pot of honey. Honey is known to have amazing effects  on the skin so it's not surprising it's the number 1 ingredient, and is has that honey like texture as well. I apply this on dry, clean skin and it does leave your skin feeling smooth and clean, but i'm not sure it's very active at removing dead skin cells, as the name would suggest.

Overall this is a pretty interesting line, with rather unusual products, the only downside is they are only available online, meaning you will have to pay shipping if your not local.

Lily farm fresh skin care is available here  


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HealGel Eye.

When it comes to eye creams, i'm the first to admit I have yet to find one that can transform the look of my under eye area and help erase the fine lines (I don't care what men say, I do have fine lies under my eyes) but I still enjoy using one, maybe it's just a case of a totally complete skin care routine? i'm not sure, but I can't go without.

When this healgel eye landed at my door step, I was intrigued by the fact it's a gel, as I tend to prefer formulas that are light in the morning as they sit better under makeup, and I go for creamier options at night. This eye gel claims to  lift, brighten & revive your under eye area and help fight things like puffiness, dark circles & uneven skin tone, and provide a great base for makeup.

I have to admit I do love how this sits under my concealer, it has just enough slip to it to smooth the area, but it's dry enough in texture to not move round cause your makeup to slide around or crease.  I can't say I have noticed any lifting effects (and I swear my eyes could do with a bit of that) but it does sooth and even out my under eye area.  

I like that fact the packaging isn't your classic little pot, this comes with a pump which I always prefer, but you do have to be careful not to pump out too much as you only need a small amount. Overall, I do think this is a lovely product, and great if your younger and just want something light, or even if you just want something  that's not too heavy on the skin during the warmer months.

Healgel is available here for £32 per 15ml.


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HONEY By Mark Jacobs Perfume Review!

Truth be told I have never been one of those women who has a classic signature scent. I love so many fragrances that I find it impossible to only pick one, and i'm a huge believer in your fragrance being season appropriate. I love sweet, heavy and slightly spicy fragrances in the winter, and fresh, light ones in summer time, so that's what i'm here to talk to you about today.

I have been a fan of Mark Jacobs fragrances for year, the first one I ever used was what my mother use to wear, I believe it was called rain, and that was just what it smelt like, pure and fresh. Then I moved on to Lola and Daisy, and it didn't hurt the packaging on the last two was pretty amazing too, which brings me to the latest addition: Honey.

Honey is described as a fruity and floral fragrance with key notes of pear, orange blossom and honey and has that distinctive Mark Jacobs look. When I first tested this, I was surprised how fresh it smelt, and how little it actually had that sweet honey scent, which i'm not a fan of in the warmer months. Honey smells very light and fresh and I would say the most noticeable note in it to me is pear, which I adore as it's so light and summery! 

Once it settles on the skin it's very subtle and feminine, and ever-so-slightly more grown-up than the likes of Lola and Daisy, and I find it lasts longer on the skin too. In terms of the packaging, the box is a super cute bright yellow polka dot design that looks fun and young, and the bottle it's self is a classic shape, that has that added fabulous MJ cuteness to it, in the form of the little stripy flowers and gold hardware.

Mark Jacobs Honey eau de parfum  is available here at a very reasonable price of £43.99 per 100ml, so it's time to treat yourself to a new summer fragrance I think!


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