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Dr Darren Mckeown AHA active radiance cleanser

In my opinion nothing beats AHA'S to brighten and smooth out your skin, and as I have mentioned before such products can be very hard to come across on the high street, so when browsing the skin care shelves in superdrug I was intrigued by this cleanser, and the brand in general seemed very "active" if that makes sense. 

The AHA active cleanser claims that AHA'S are the key for getting luminous skin as they prompt cell renewal,help sweep away dull skin, excess oil and even makeup due to the apple AHA which is a complex of glycolic,malic and lactic acids. It's also sulfate free so there is a lesser chance of causing the skin any kind of irritation, it's a thick gel cleanser that I use an night on damp skin and then remove with my clarisonic.

I had really high expectations for this cleanser because I was expecting instant results, and while it is a nice product, i'm not sure if it's right for my skin, it just seems too gentle. It's claims to reveal brighter looking skin, and while my skin does always feel very soft after using it, I have to say I don't find it as smoothing as the sop & glory peaches and clean cleanser.I do love the packaging on this cleanser, it's very simple and clinical looking and the fact it has a pump dispenser is always a plus in my books, and one and half pumps are just right for my face. 

This cleanser is usually £12.99 per 150ml, which to me seems a little steep for a gel cleanser, but it has been on offer on the superdrug website for a while now, so if you do want to try it now would be the time. I have also seen this in my local TK MAXX for £5.99, so that's even better! Overall, I think this is a nice product and I do want to try more products from this brand, it's just this this was not hard core enough for me.

Available here   http://www.superdrug.com/face/dr-darren-aha-active-radiance-cleanser/invt/266154/&bklist=



VICHY Idealia Pro dark spot corrector

Despite that fact I wear sunscreen daily I have somehow managed to get sun spot on my face, mainly around my cheek area and I suffer from dark patches and just general uneven skin tone. I had been looking around for the most effective products to help combat this and had seen many glowing reviews for the  VICHY Idealia Pro dark spot corrector.

I have such faith in french skin care brands as I love how scientific they are. This dark spot corrector claims to be the "ideal perfector uniform complexion" and targets brown spots,sun spots,age spots, blemish marks and blotchiness. It's suitable for even sensitive skin and is paraben-free. Vichy claim you will see a visible result in 4 weeks, your skin will appear more even looking and luminous.

I had been using this daily for over 4 weeks and at first, I did notice a little change, my dark spots did look slightly lighter, but i'm pretty sure it was just an initial result as I have not seen a huge difference since then. In terms of texture, it has a light texture, somewhere between a serum and a light moisturizer and has a light fresh scent. The packaging of this product is lovely, a pale pink and silver tube that comes with a pump dispenser (one pump is enough to cover my hole face)  and it sinks in to the skin very fast. I'm pretty sure it broke me out a little at first, but it could have been other things I had been testing out so I will let it off.

At £29.00 per 30ml it's not cheap, and I will continue using it, but I don't think I would repurchase as I need something a little more brightening, but if all you have a very light pigmentation this would be a good option and it's hard to come across good products for dark spots on the high street, although I have heard good things about the Garnier one...

Available here  http://www.boots.com/en/Vichy-Idealia-Pro-Dark-Spot-Corrector_1277148/


PR smaple


Boot Botanics All bright cleansing toner

I'm a huge sucker for any product that claims to be brightening, i'm not sure why really as my skin is not super dull, but I think I just love the fresh, bright healthy glow, which brings me to my next point, as many of you may know, products that contain AHA's are amazing for brightening up your complexion, and any drugstore products that contain them, well, i'm all over them.

I'm someone who falls in and out of love with using a toner, but I know my skin loves it when I do, so I tend to always have a few on the go. This one by boots own brand Botanics really is a fantastic product, at least as fantastic as a toner can be anyway. It contains natural AHA's that help to brighten up your skin and tighten your pores, and just leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and feeling smooth.I use it every night after cleansing, on a cotton pad all over my face, and then follow it up with my serum and night cream. Toners can't really be expected to dramatically change your skin, but if your just looking for one to freshen and brighten your face, this really is a great choice, and one I have re-purchased again and again. (and that's saying something coming from me as I rarely buy the same thing twice, too many great products to try!)  

Botanics have recently re-done their packaging and also changed some of the product formulations and the ingredients, but I have used both the old and new versions of this and it seems to be exactly the same.The all bright cleansing toner is available in boots and is usually a very affordable £3.99 per 250ml, but it's an even more affordable £2.66 at the moment, so all the more reason for you to give it a try!

Available here



Organic surge daily care face wash

I must admit that organic surge was a brand I would always look at with interest, but having oily skin made me think the products would just not be very effective for me and I never purchased anything. Organic surge's ethos is to create organic skin care that contains no SLS or parabens at an affordable price, and are very kind to the skin.

I'm a huge believer in deep cleansing at night, so in the morning I like to use a light face wash to just cleanse my skin and freshen it up, and this works perfectly. It's a light foaming cleanser that cleanses your skin without over-drying it, something that's super important during the winter time. It contains natural aloe vera and organic oils in it to help brighten up your dull winter skin, something I always need in the morning! 

It's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, but is pretty strongly scented, it has a very natural, herbal scent (which I love) but it may not be everyone's taste. The packaging of this face wash is really nice too, as it comes with a pump dispenser so you get exactly the right amount of gel out for each use. I use it in the shower, I wet my face with warm water, then use one pump and massage it all over my skin, then rinse it off and continue with the rest of my morning skincare routine.

Organic skincare can be pricey, but at £5.19 this is super affordable and you can buy it at most health food stores, waitrose, John Lewis, fresh and wild, wholefoods and ocado, as well as independent pharmacies. 

I have a few more organic surge products i'm loving at the moment (reviews to come) but I would love to know what organic surge products you love!

*PR  Sample


Healthy diet changes!

So some of you may know (or may not, that's ok too) that i'm trying to get back to my normal weight, and get my eating habits back on track, so by making a few simple changes  to my diet I have managed to lose some weight (not enough yet, but it's a grate start!) and i'm feeling so much more in control of what i'm eating.

Here are a few simple changes you can make to your diet that will help you feel better, and lose a few pounds!

*Go for low-fat when it comes to things like dairy and mayonnaise. Choosing low-fat milk, cheese and yogurts will save you so many calories and you won't really miss the flavor. I don't eat hard cheese such as Cheddar very often as even the lower-fat versions are pretty high in calories, but when it comes to milk and soft cheese, it's low-fat all the way. Another thing is mayo, now this may sound odd, but I adore it, I would put it on pretty much anything and it's so high in fat! I now eat the light version (they do an extra light, and even lighter than light version, but I don't like them very much as they taste more like salad cream rather than mayo) and it saves so many unnecessary calories.

*Think brown when it comes to carbs. Carbs are my weakness. Give me things like bread, pasta, pizza and potatoes and i'm happy, and while they are an important part of a healthy diet, I was eating way too much of them. Now I try and limit my carb intake by only eating hole-grain versions. So only brown bread, hole grain cereal, holewheat couscous and wholewheat pasta. I also try to not eat cabs at night because i'm not burning them off, but if I do I have very small portions.

*Eat more fruit and veg! This is a no-brainer, but i'm eating fruit on a daily basis and getting lots of veg in my soups.

*Pick healthy snacks over high fat ones. I use to snack on this like chocolate and biscuits, and they are all pretty high in fat and calories. 

*Be calorie aware. I'm not saying count every calorie that goes in to your mouth, but just be aware of what your eating and how much it all adds up to.

*Ditch the fatty crisps. Crisps are another one of my weaknesses, I just love them but rather than eating the ones that are high in fat (pringles anyone?) I now eat the baked versions, which are a little better for you and don't contain as much fat.

I hope these tips help those of you who are struggling with your weight, but once you get in to it, it's so easy and really will change you, and your body.