Boot Botanics All bright cleansing toner

I'm a huge sucker for any product that claims to be brightening, i'm not sure why really as my skin is not super dull, but I think I just love the fresh, bright healthy glow, which brings me to my next point, as many of you may know, products that contain AHA's are amazing for brightening up your complexion, and any drugstore products that contain them, well, i'm all over them.

I'm someone who falls in and out of love with using a toner, but I know my skin loves it when I do, so I tend to always have a few on the go. This one by boots own brand Botanics really is a fantastic product, at least as fantastic as a toner can be anyway. It contains natural AHA's that help to brighten up your skin and tighten your pores, and just leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and feeling smooth.I use it every night after cleansing, on a cotton pad all over my face, and then follow it up with my serum and night cream. Toners can't really be expected to dramatically change your skin, but if your just looking for one to freshen and brighten your face, this really is a great choice, and one I have re-purchased again and again. (and that's saying something coming from me as I rarely buy the same thing twice, too many great products to try!)  

Botanics have recently re-done their packaging and also changed some of the product formulations and the ingredients, but I have used both the old and new versions of this and it seems to be exactly the same.The all bright cleansing toner is available in boots and is usually a very affordable £3.99 per 250ml, but it's an even more affordable £2.66 at the moment, so all the more reason for you to give it a try!

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