Dr Darren Mckeown AHA active radiance cleanser

In my opinion nothing beats AHA'S to brighten and smooth out your skin, and as I have mentioned before such products can be very hard to come across on the high street, so when browsing the skin care shelves in superdrug I was intrigued by this cleanser, and the brand in general seemed very "active" if that makes sense. 

The AHA active cleanser claims that AHA'S are the key for getting luminous skin as they prompt cell renewal,help sweep away dull skin, excess oil and even makeup due to the apple AHA which is a complex of glycolic,malic and lactic acids. It's also sulfate free so there is a lesser chance of causing the skin any kind of irritation, it's a thick gel cleanser that I use an night on damp skin and then remove with my clarisonic.

I had really high expectations for this cleanser because I was expecting instant results, and while it is a nice product, i'm not sure if it's right for my skin, it just seems too gentle. It's claims to reveal brighter looking skin, and while my skin does always feel very soft after using it, I have to say I don't find it as smoothing as the sop & glory peaches and clean cleanser.I do love the packaging on this cleanser, it's very simple and clinical looking and the fact it has a pump dispenser is always a plus in my books, and one and half pumps are just right for my face. 

This cleanser is usually £12.99 per 150ml, which to me seems a little steep for a gel cleanser, but it has been on offer on the superdrug website for a while now, so if you do want to try it now would be the time. I have also seen this in my local TK MAXX for £5.99, so that's even better! Overall, I think this is a nice product and I do want to try more products from this brand, it's just this this was not hard core enough for me.

Available here   http://www.superdrug.com/face/dr-darren-aha-active-radiance-cleanser/invt/266154/&bklist=


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