Dress show!

After doing my fashion video yesterday  I promised I would show you  what most of the dresses look like on.

So here we go:

All of these photos were taken during diffident nights out so you can also see I I styled them.

Hope it helps!


My imaginary Net-a-porter wish list...

This is my secret guilty pleasure, yes, I have an unhealthy tendency to log on only to drool over some of the worlds most exquisite items, only to then feel bad because I know the likely-hod of me ever being able to afford them is......well, below zero.

So here you have it, my "If I win a £million this is what i'll be buying" list. Prepare to drool away...........

Be honest, you have got dribble on your chin right now haven't you? (I so have) I love looking at things like this because they are just so beautifully made, and so luxe looking....but come at a very,very high price tag, that is pretty much pure ridiculousness.....but, they are oh so nice to look at! and hey, a girl can dream right?

Good night my darlings xx 



Having not had any hot water or heating for the past week thanks to the oil company, I have not been wearing any makeup. I had to do some shopping to day so my makeup was slightly more  glamorous than usual for an everyday look, due to the fact I had missed wearing makeup!

If you know me by now you will know it's nothing ground breaking, just pretty and simple.

My face:
MUFE Mat velvet plus foundation
Laura Mercier secret concealer in shade 3
Collection 200 lasting perfection in shade 2
Rimmel silky loose powder

Sleek contour kit in medium 
Topshop blush in pop


I used MAC bare study  paintpot as a base, and I used MAC metholagy all over the lid, and antiqued in the crease. it's a little more smokey than I would tend to go for, but it really made my eyes POP. I then applied one coat of Benefit There real mascara to give my lashes a bit of help as they are looking very sad at the moment.

I used a old fav, a Loreal lipstick called sunset blush.

And that is it, that's my face of the day and I love it....I feel like me again.


Nails of the day....

I painted my nails last night and i'm in love. I'm not usually the type to go for the hole accent nail look, but both this look I feel they shades are pretty close and really complement one another. What I used:

Base coat-Sally Hansen insta-grip fast dry base coat.
2 coats of Barry M 273 raspberry.....(I love this! it's the perfect berry red shade,really deep and classy looking)
On my middle finger I applied 2 coat of  a Deborah Lippmann glitter polish called razzle dazzle over the Barry M.
Top coat-Sally hansen double duty base&top coat.

  (Not the best photo,but I took about 100 but gave up in the end)

So those are my nails atm....I love the color combo, really wintery but glamorous at the same time.

Take care xxx


Hair dye cravings!

I have a confession to make. I'm starting to get fed up the color of my hair.....my hair now a slightly lighter version of my natural shade which is a dark brown, I was going over a few things on my pc and look what I found.......


I'm not sure what it is, but i'v thinking about going black again (Don't they say once you go black you never go back? very rude) but the only problem is the black hair only looked good on my when I had a tan and i'm over the days of always being super brown so I know its not the best idea considering it's snowing outside my chances of getting a tan are pretty slim.

But hey, no harm in trying.....


Skin as white as snow...

I'm sat on my sofa just chilling (while my man and his best mate are watching the dreaded football) and looking out of my window at the beautiful snow that has settled all over the garden. I'm not a fan of snow when I have to go out in it, but from the safety of my warm house, I love it.

Looking at it has got me thinking, all my life I have been obsessed with being tanned. When I was younger I was all about sunbathing and going bright red (I told myself it would turn brown one day) and then when I realized I didn't fancy giving my skin a helping hand in premature aging,soI got good with the SPF and protecting my skin (I am still a fan of sunbathing however) But seen as how I do go very dark in the sun , my starting point is not very dark. My natural skin color is a pretty yellow toned medium, has the potential to look slightly sickly, type of skin.

I think most of us look better with a little color on us, but I know I look better with  a deep tan, it makes me look more healthy and exotic (so i'v been told) so I do tend to lay on the fake tan to cheat my J LO glow.But, all of a sudden, because it's been so cold i'v not been bothering to fake tan and have found I'm actually kind of enjoying being pale. I know I need makeup when i'm pale or my face looks flat, but it's a nice change for me and being so covered at the moment means no one apart from me and my other half really get to see any flesh so who cares?

That being said, i'm pretty sure it's just a phase that will pass as soon as it's not snowing and cold I will feel the need bronze it up a little, but for now I feel like snow-white.   


Blame it on the weather man.....

Let me start this post by telling you ladies, that it is now -5 outside. Yep, you did read that right,-5.My now very glamorous look includes pj bottoms, a hoodie,  socks and i'm sat on the sofa covered in a blanket writing this post.

I'm not sure if it's the weather, me not drinking as much water as I always do, the heating, eating more comfort foods or just hormones (yes sure, blame it on the hormones!) but my skin is being particularly blah. You know what I mean by blah right?

A blah skin day (or week in this unfortunate case)  means you don't really have any serious bad skin things going on, so no breakouts or super dryness, but your skin is just not looking it's best, slightly red, slightly oily and slightly dry (and confused it may seems....) doesn't  feel as soft as usual and the list goes on, but in short it just looks lack-luster and blah.I was not an airplane last week, which never means happy skin days, so as soon as I got off my flight I cleansed my face, used the DERMALOGICA recovery mask, and then used my DR NICK LOWE oil control day cream and went to bed.   Ever since then, my skin has been feeling really sad! and my usual things don't seem to be working..........You see, I have my skin heroes. When my skin is feeling congested and oily, out comes my SANCTUARY 5 MIN DETOX MASK and that usually solves the problem. If my skin is feeling dry a thick layer of CLARINS BEAUTY FLASH BALM is applied before bed and hey ho, no problemo. If my skin is looking dull, I cleanse with my LIZ EARLE CLEANSE& POLISH and then used my ORIGINS BRIGHTER BY NATURE pads, and all is right in the world of Avia's skin again. But for some weird reason, nothing seems to be working at the moment. and tell me if it's just me but I hate putting make up on my skin when it is not looking it's best because I feel it just makes it look worse, so what is a girl to do?

I think I may pick up some new toner and see how that works as i'v  not been using it that much lately but other than that i'm baffled.  Should I just have faith and blame it on the weather man and his seriously bad weather that is causing havoc with my skin?