Blame it on the weather man.....

Let me start this post by telling you ladies, that it is now -5 outside. Yep, you did read that right,-5.My now very glamorous look includes pj bottoms, a hoodie,  socks and i'm sat on the sofa covered in a blanket writing this post.

I'm not sure if it's the weather, me not drinking as much water as I always do, the heating, eating more comfort foods or just hormones (yes sure, blame it on the hormones!) but my skin is being particularly blah. You know what I mean by blah right?

A blah skin day (or week in this unfortunate case)  means you don't really have any serious bad skin things going on, so no breakouts or super dryness, but your skin is just not looking it's best, slightly red, slightly oily and slightly dry (and confused it may seems....) doesn't  feel as soft as usual and the list goes on, but in short it just looks lack-luster and blah.I was not an airplane last week, which never means happy skin days, so as soon as I got off my flight I cleansed my face, used the DERMALOGICA recovery mask, and then used my DR NICK LOWE oil control day cream and went to bed.   Ever since then, my skin has been feeling really sad! and my usual things don't seem to be working..........You see, I have my skin heroes. When my skin is feeling congested and oily, out comes my SANCTUARY 5 MIN DETOX MASK and that usually solves the problem. If my skin is feeling dry a thick layer of CLARINS BEAUTY FLASH BALM is applied before bed and hey ho, no problemo. If my skin is looking dull, I cleanse with my LIZ EARLE CLEANSE& POLISH and then used my ORIGINS BRIGHTER BY NATURE pads, and all is right in the world of Avia's skin again. But for some weird reason, nothing seems to be working at the moment. and tell me if it's just me but I hate putting make up on my skin when it is not looking it's best because I feel it just makes it look worse, so what is a girl to do?

I think I may pick up some new toner and see how that works as i'v  not been using it that much lately but other than that i'm baffled.  Should I just have faith and blame it on the weather man and his seriously bad weather that is causing havoc with my skin?  

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  1. It's -25 in Poland. I'd love it to be -5 ;) .
    The cold is killing me, I can't wait for spring!