Hair dye cravings!

I have a confession to make. I'm starting to get fed up the color of my hair.....my hair now a slightly lighter version of my natural shade which is a dark brown, I was going over a few things on my pc and look what I found.......


I'm not sure what it is, but i'v thinking about going black again (Don't they say once you go black you never go back? very rude) but the only problem is the black hair only looked good on my when I had a tan and i'm over the days of always being super brown so I know its not the best idea considering it's snowing outside my chances of getting a tan are pretty slim.

But hey, no harm in trying.....


  1. aww it suits you!, you should go for it. Very elegant :)x

  2. I feel like changing my hair colour every five minutes! Isn't it such a nightmare?! xxxx

  3. I'm very very fair and I coloured my hair black some months ago... I think the contrast of fair skin with dark hair is pretty... you can always give it a go.

    love from aus

  4. You are a bombshell - seriously! That dress suits you to a T with that hair! But I love your current hair colour and I think it just goes so well...although I am pretty curious as to how you would look if you went black =)

  5. looks good here, love ur youtube by the way!


  6. Hi you look really good in this picture, I was just wondering what shampoo + conditioner combo you use? Also would you be able to recommend anything for hair fall as I've noticed an increase in shedding as my hair grows longer? Thanks.