Face of the day

It was pretty warm today so i wanted an easy summery (and fast as i was late!) look.

On my face i used:

NARS sheer glow foundation in barcelona.
loreal glam  bronze bronzer in 04 unviversal sun
MUA blusher in shade 1
 YSL touche eclat under my eyes to hide how low on sleep i was!

On my eyes i used:

A  light coat of loreal volume million lashes
M.A.C eye kohl in I get no kick on my water line
Maxfactor smoky eye effect eyeshadow in bronze haze

On my lips i used:

Revlon gloss in coral reef

I like this look, it's pretty and natural and i love the bronze side of the eyeshadow as it looks AMAZING on green eyes (mine are hazel, but this shadow really make the green in them pop)

What do we think?


Meaningful beauty cindy crawford Deep Cleansing Masque

A friend in the US  told me about this company and as soon as I looked on the website I was very pleasantly surprised. So many celebs nowdays like to attache their name to a product and then take a huge load of cash for it even thoght i'm sure half the time they dont even really know much about it  . However, that is not the case with this . International world famous  supermodel cindy crawford has set up this skincare line, which is targeted at  women in their 40's (and the 100000 of older women who want to look like cindy) and  claim to prevet wrinkels and againg of the skin.

So why am I using this you ask? well,I liked the sound of the Deep Cleansing Masque.

 this masque is  infused  with antioxidants and marine extracts.
 It claims to:
  • Purifiey, deep cleans, and revives stressed looking out skin.

  •  help promote collagen for more youthful-looking skin.

  • Does it work?
    This is a nice product but  by no means is it ground breaking . The scent is nice and mildly mintey, and the consistency is a thin white cream.

    It feels nice and fresh on the skin and does dry slightly but not in that "I  can't move my face clay mask " way. My only problem with this is it dosn't  really do anything for your skin. Your skin will feel nice and cleant but I  have used so many other face Masques that work so much better.

    And sadly no, it didn't make me look as beautiful as cindy!

    Review time: Soap & glory flake away body scrub

    I do love a good body scrub and soap & glory have really lovely body scrubs in thier range.

    The lastest one i have tried is the flake away scrub that contains shea butter, suger and peach seeds.

    So my lovey ladies, you ask what is it like?

    True to this company, the packging is super cute and retro.

    The consistency is lovely, thick, ever so slightly oily and very moisturising and  leaves the skin feeling  very smooth with a lovely sheen due to the shea butter (not so good as a pre- fake tan scrub for that reason)

    The scent is really lovely it's sweet, peachy and yummy!

    This is a lovely body scrub that would be great for those of us with dryer skin who still like a good scrub that feels like it is doing somthing and helpin make your skin look and feel amazing.

    have any of you tryed this? what did you think?


    My favorite make up looks

    What with so much amazing makeup on the market and even more amazing make up  images for us to see, it can be a little overwhelming.

    Still, there are always looks that will never go out of style. They just change and you must adapt them self's to the  current trend but the core of them will never change.

    Smokey eyes with  a pale lip- I think the reason this look works time after time is it is so versitle. Creating a smokey eye has never been easyer and you can use any shade you wish. As for the lips, they can be a pink nude or a beige nude, matte or glossy you just need to find the shade that works best on your skintone to avoide it washing you out.

    Always a fan of the smokey eye and nude lip, the lovely kim k

    Flawless glowing skin- The reason this look is so loved is because it's universally flattering. We all want to have amazing skin that looks clear, bright glowing, healthy and full of dimension. This can be a little harder to create, as skin is effected by so many things, but a good basic skincare routine, a good night's sleep and plenty of water along with some help from a good foundation, concealer and proucuts that add structure to the facelike bronzer and hilghter can really work wonders.

    Red lipstick- This one has always been such a classic because it is as old as time.Old school movie startes would use red lipstick and that vibe has stuck around. I  personally love a cool toned red lip with pale skin but there are so many ways you can wear a red lip:

    Super sleek and classy

    Young and funkey

    Strong brows- I  love a good strong brow. I really dislike thin brows with no presence. brows are such an important part of your face, it is a crime to not use them to your advantge! all women should fill in thier brows and give them a little more structure as it can make such an impact to your face.

    The bronze godess- Think J LO when you think of this look. Its fun, sun kissed and super sexy and gives that " I just got back from hoilday" feel.

     What are your favorite make up looks?


    My hair story

    I get so many comments on youtube everyday asking me about my hair. I know I talk about it on youtube all the time but I did mention  that my hair use to be blonde, it is naturally brown and i did have it black at one point!

    I  love the color it is now, because it it full of demition and looks natural but I wanted to give you a few pics of my hair before.

    My natural hair

    My blonde days :s

    I had a full head of highlights

    I made a huge mistake and used sun in :(

    Then when i was older, i wanted a change so yes i went for black!

    And now my hair is a mix of what is left from when i has it black, my natural color  and the natural blonde part i have always had, and because my hair was blonde and then black, my ends have a very light redish tint to them that I really like.

    I have really changed and played with my hair over the years and have done some very foolish  things to it (sun in anyone?!?) but I  dont regret it it was just somthing i had to do and get it out of my system.

    How have you abused your hair over the years? LOL

    Hair envey

    What is it about hair?
    As women, it is so common to say you hate your hair or be having a "bad hair day". When it come to hair why is it always a case of the grass is always greener?

    Hair is always there, sitting on top of your head waiting. Wating for you to brush it, cut it, dye it, wash it style it and it is easyer then say, changing your body.

    As women we always want to change somthing about our self and hair does give you that power. The power to change your mousy brown hair in to glossy blonde locks.
    At the same time, i think we all have insecurities(well about almost everything but hey, thats us girls for you!) about our hair.

    There will always be a girl on TV , at work or even some poor girl walking past you in the street  who will have amazingly beautiful hair and then, enter what we call hair envey.

    We all have our issues about our hair
    I would love my hair to be this long

    Or had this much body.

    If you have curly hair, you will always want  straight sleek hair, and if  your hair is straight you would love a full head of curls, that is just the way the world works. Perfect hair takes alot of work.............and how many of us are willing to put that amount of work in to HAIR? well, most of us ladies.

    Do you have hair envey? if so who is it?


    My style icons- sarah jessica parker

    I  love looking at photos of amazing beautiful women and getting inspired by their amazing different looks.

    My first style icon is not very surprising or original, yes it is sarah jessica parker.
    What can I say about her really i mean the woman is just the epitomy  of fashion and style. And yes i know her SATC looks are down to the amazing stylist patricia fields but hey, if you can wear a ballerina dress and an over the top hats and look really fab rather then totally silly, I take my hat off to you.
    Take this photo for example, I love this look. so modern yet ladylike classy, fun and chic.

    I love this look too.
    I love how over the top she can be the hair, the huge flower but then she mixes it up with the dark gladiator sandals.

    How can we talk about SJP without mentioning the shoes?!?
    I love shoes just as much as her and i love how fun her shoes always are.

    Finally,I love her curly hair! as a curly girl too, I know it can be hard to embrace it and it can also get in the way of getting that classy polished look. Yet SJP  always look fun and chic with her beautiful curly hair.

    do you LOVE SJP'S style as much as i do?

    Review time: neutrogena wave power cleanser

    Truth be told I would really love a clarisonic.
    However,they are so pricy that I find myself always looking at skin brushes,exfoliating sponges and just skincare gadgets in genrall really! trying to find a cheaper dupe for the coveted clarisonic so in true carrie bradshaw style, i couldnt help but wonder when i saw this product if it could be the answer to my prayers.

    Well, it's not.
    The neutrogena wave power cleanser uses gentle vibrations to cleanse your skin in a more efficient way. The starter pack contains the wave, a single AA battery, as well as a two week supply of single-use, disposable cleansing pads. How it works is you attache a pad to the wave, wet it, switch it on and start to run it over your face.
    this is the wave

    The wave is very fast and easy to use,It can be used at a sink or in the shower ,It only takes up as much space as a bar of soap and your skin will feel amazingly soft after using it. It is a nice idea but i just feel like it may be to gental, even for everyday use. Also, the foam the pads produces if of a very thin constancy and I like a thicker foam.

    I do think if your are a very lazy person when it comes to cleansing your face this would be perfect for you as it is so easy to use.

    have you tried it? what are your thoughts about this product?


    Battle of the gradual tanners!

    Yes girls, it is that time of year again.
    The weather is getting warmer, the sun comes out and you look in the mirror and think, "i look like casper the ghost!"
    Personally I think everyone looks good with a hint of color, but after being coverd up all winter starting to use fake tan does seem like a huge unwanted task. Enter the gradual self tanner!
    Just like body lotion, these products are designed to moisturise your skin, but give a faint hint of a tan at the same time.

    Easy to use
    Genrally dont have that dreaded fake tan scent
    You can build the tan gradually

    Gradual tanners tend to give more of a sun kissed glow, rather then a bronzed goddess look.

    my favourite gradual tanners are:

    Dove summer glow

    garnier summer body
    Both theses products smell lovely and fresh and summery, and best of all they give you a lovely summer glow.
    How do you feel about gradual tanners?

    Face of the day

    I went out last night and just felt like doing a nice sexy smokey eye with a nude lip to match.
    not very  adventurous I know, but am I the only one who feels like there is something very safe about this combo? no matter how I feel I know it always looks good and feels sexy.

    what i used:
    And may i just say, i love NARS sheer glow so much!

    The look:

    how do we feel about the fail-safe option of a smoky eye and nude lip combo, classic sexy or boring?


    New blog!

    hey everyone,
    so yes, i gave in and opend a blog...I'm going to be doing face of the day and outfit of the day post and talking about things i dont talk about on my youtube channel.
    hope you enjoy:) x