Meaningful beauty cindy crawford Deep Cleansing Masque

A friend in the US  told me about this company and as soon as I looked on the website I was very pleasantly surprised. So many celebs nowdays like to attache their name to a product and then take a huge load of cash for it even thoght i'm sure half the time they dont even really know much about it  . However, that is not the case with this . International world famous  supermodel cindy crawford has set up this skincare line, which is targeted at  women in their 40's (and the 100000 of older women who want to look like cindy) and  claim to prevet wrinkels and againg of the skin.

So why am I using this you ask? well,I liked the sound of the Deep Cleansing Masque.

 this masque is  infused  with antioxidants and marine extracts.
 It claims to:
  • Purifiey, deep cleans, and revives stressed looking out skin.

  •  help promote collagen for more youthful-looking skin.

  • Does it work?
    This is a nice product but  by no means is it ground breaking . The scent is nice and mildly mintey, and the consistency is a thin white cream.

    It feels nice and fresh on the skin and does dry slightly but not in that "I  can't move my face clay mask " way. My only problem with this is it dosn't  really do anything for your skin. Your skin will feel nice and cleant but I  have used so many other face Masques that work so much better.

    And sadly no, it didn't make me look as beautiful as cindy!

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