Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 5!

So we are now on day 5 and I decided to give it ago on the other settings, and I tested it on the exfoliating setting on my face this time.

Boy was this strong! I was using it with a foaming cleanser and it it does give your skin a good scrub i'll tell you that! i'm still not sure how  I feel about it to be totally honest, I can see how if you have very oily skin this will feel amazing for you, but my skin is more combination and I feel like it just a little too harsh on my skin. 

I am looking forward to the end of the 7 days so I can share my final thoughts because i'm still a little unsure about how I feel about it, and that's unusual for me with a product.



Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 4!

So today I tested out the Body Brush part of this, and this is where I think this brush really shines. Granted, it's a bit of a luxury to use a brush on your body, but considering i'm a huge fan of body brushing, I had a sneaky suspicion I was going to enjoy this.   

I used it on the exfoliating setting and with a shower gel just lightly brushed all over my body. This would particularly work for those you who suffer from ingrown hairs & those little bumps of dry skin that usually happen on the upper arm area.The harshness on the brush isn't as noticeable on your body, in fact it's actually nice and left my skin feeling lovely and soft, and due to the fact I used while standing up in my bath, there was no mess involved too. 

Would you use something like this on a weekly basis or is this just too much of an unnecessary step in your routine? I love these types of things and relish doing them on a weekly basis, but that may just be the beauty addict in me.



Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 3!

So today is day 3 and I still feel the same in all honesty, tomorrow I will be testing it as a body brush which i'm very excited about! so for today's post I thought I would give you some information of the benefits the brush.

It is claimed that within 7 days, the usage of the brush will provide 10 different benefits such as:

 *More effective deep cleansing and 

removal of impurities

*Can help increase collagen in skin
Softer, smoother and clearer looking 
skin tone

*Firmer, tighter feeling skin texture
Can help diminish the appearance of 
fine lines and wrinkles.

*Noticeable increase in blood 
circulation to the skin

*Helps reduce appearance of visible 

*Gentle exfoliation of dry skin for 
silkier arms and legs

*Helps reduce razor rash and irritation 
after hair removal.

*Enhanced moisture and nutrient 
absorption of your regular skin 
products (SPF, self-tan, moisturisers).

Bold claims right? I personally found that it does indeed help to increase the blood flow to your face, and I have definitely noticed how much more effectively the products have been absorbing in to my skin, which is always nice if you are using skin care you want to know you are getting the most for your money!



Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 2!

So today was my second day using the brush, and I have been using only at night so far, as I feel that's when you need a deeper cleanse. I don't know what it is about these types of brushes but I feel like they clean your face so much better than you ever could manually!

I have not noticed any huge changes since last night, but my skin did feel much smoother this morning and i'm still only able to use it on the sensitive setting as it's very strong, and does leave my skin a little red afterwords. It does leave your skin feeling a little tight but that may just be down to my skin type (combo). I know most people tend to worry a little over your skin having a "purging" period, where your skin get's bad before it gets better but I can honestly say it's not something I have ever really experienced. 

I am hoping for a noticeable chance in the clarity  & texture of my skin but for now, I will leave you with a list of where you can buy this, as it's so widely available for a product of it's kind.

Boots.com - £64.99 

Lookfantastic - £65 

Beauty Expert - £65 

HQ Hair - £65 

Amazon UK - £65 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00FG0L44A



Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 1!

Facial cleansing brushes have been huge for years now, claiming to change your skin and provide a deep cleanse that no wash cloth or hands ever could. So i'm sure you can appreciate my excitement when I was asked to give this brush a 7 day trail & review!

I will be giving daily updates on my blog and full, final review on my channel at the end of 7 days with all the detailed information, and what changes I have seen.

The Magnitone pulsar cleansing brush claims to change the appearance of your skin in just 7 days, and seen as how today is day 1, here are my initial thoughts, a first impressions if you will:    

* This brush has several settings (more on that later) I used it on the sensative setting but it was much harsher than i'm use too.
* It was a little messy, because the brush moves pretty fast, and I used a lightly foaming cleanser, it did get messy.
*I did miss not having time settings as it's hard to see how long you are using it for.
*My skin was left feeling AMAZINGLY soft!

So these are my first impressions, have you tried this before? if so, what did you think?

Please check back for day 2 tomorrow! 


*PR sample 


Stylescan $500 shopping spree!

So as guys know I did mention this on my channel but I wanted to mention it on here too to make sure you can enter, and you never know, you may win!

To find out more on how to enter, please click here


Food Dairy-2/10/2013

So I am going to start doing the odd "what I eat" type of posts every now and then, most down to requests and also to help me look at what i'm eating properly. I'm trying to count calories atm just to lose a tiny bit of weight, and i'm trying out just counting cals, and eating a little more "normal" my lunch for example, would ALWAYS be a wholegrain bagel, but as they are higher in calories I went for the WW just to see....it was ok, but not the best. (New york bagels are)

Breakfast- 2 weetbix with cinnamon, skimmed milk & strawberries. YUMMY!
Lunch-WW bagel with light mayo, cucumber, onion & loads of rocket. It's what I call my salad sandwich and it's lovely! and under 250 cals, give it a try! I also had some of the Jacobs oddidites cracker snacks (the ready salted kind) for the fist time.......not sure about them. The portion is HUGE for 114 cals and they do feel "naughty" but they taste like something and i'm not sure what, but it's not ready salted.
Snack- Some red grapes.
Dinner- I made some healthy egg fried rice make with brown rice, peas, spring onion, 1 egg and light soy sauce. I also had some grilled hallumi cheese and same raw pepper too. It was yummy!
Snack-I had a frozen areo mousse (best idea,EVER!)that was lovely! high in sugar but only 94 cals.

Drinks- 3 liters of water and countless cups of green tea.
Workouts- 30 mins on the bike.

so that's what I eat today, I know, I know, too many carbs, too much sugar....but, low in calories and filling, and the most important part is it's yummy! 



Elemis fresh skin softly softly daily moisturizer & dreamy sleep moisturisers!

Elemis have done a very important thing with their freshskin range because I have always felt there has been a gap in the market when it comes to skin care. For the longest time, I feel like there have been ranges for teens, and ranges for older women, us ladies in our 20's were being over looked!

We no longer need spot cream, but we don't want to overload our skin with heavy night creams, so we need light hydration that doesn't leave our faces oily.

The Elemis softly softly daily moistriser has a lively natural herbal scent and it does feel lovely on the skin. it's slightly thicker than your average daily moisturiser  and I would only wear it in the house due to the fact it has no SPF, but it does give your skin some added radiance.

The dreamy sleep moisturizer is an overnight replenishing cream that again,smells amazing and feels nice on the skin, and does feel like it's going to nourish your skin during the night.

At £20 for the day cream and £22 for the night cream they are not exactly budget buys, but as you get a little older it's good to invest in your skin care a little more.

Available here


*PR sample 


REN glycolactic radiance renewal mask

Enter the review of the blogger cult classic....scary! This is so a hyped about product that I was so excited to try it, I love anything that claims to be brightening and smoothing, and I just felt like I would adore it....

This is a mask that uses glycolic acid to help your skin look fresh & renewed, getting rid of the dead skin cell and leaving your with a radiant complexion. REN uggest you apply this on clean skin, leave on for 10mins and remove with a muslin cloth (is it just me or these days is everything removed with a muslin cloth?) so I tend to use this on my pamper nights.

My main issue with this, mainly because it has been so hyped up was it just didn't make my skin look AMAZING...don't get me wrong, it is pretty smoothing and my skin did look nice and fresh, but I guess I just has higher expectations. It smeels beautiful, like sweet oranges and I do love the packaging, and the fact it has a pump is always a plus for me.

Over all I do like this mask, and do enjoy using it I just don't feel like it made my skin look & feel as amazing as I was expecting, but that may also be down to the fact my skin is use to these types of products.

Available here  for £30per 50ml.


*PR sample


My weight Loss Story

I have done countless weight loss related videos on my channel (you can watch them here) but I wanted to share my story on here as well. My weight gain is pretty simple to explain really, I just took my eye off the ball in terms of eating and working out, and was eating big portions, of whatever I wanted. While some people can just eat what they like and know when to stop, I have to really watch what I eat, and I just wasn't. Plus, I was doing zero exercise. 

My weight does fluctuate, but I had gone from my usual 57kg (again, it can change on a weekly basis, time of the month, ect) to a whopping 70kg, which is way too much for my 5ft 1.5 frame. I looked big (for me), my cloths didn't fit me properly, my face was looking extremely round and I just knew I didn't look my best.

(Loose clothing, and my super round face)

So in September last year I was going to a wedding and decided to start losing weight. The time point here is key because, why didn't I get my ass in to gear way before that, why now? and the answer to that is simple: I wasn't ready. You have to feel ready, and you have to really really want it, or you won't give it your all.

I started my day with cereal with skimmed milk, a sandwich for lunch with low cal crisps, fruit as snacks and something like soup for dinner. And on a weekend, I would have a treat day and eat what I wanted.I also started to work out again on my exercise  bike, starting with 10mins the first day, then 15, then 20 and so on. I didn't weigh myself during this time, but by November I was back down to 60kg and fitting in my regular clothes, which felt AMAZING! 

My problem areas before were all over really, but mainly my hips and my arms, and also my legs. After I lost the weight, the first place I noticed a difference was my tummy, and sadly my boobs that went down a cup size.I took some time off over xmas and pretty much eat what I wanted, and didn't really put weight on, I just felt a little "softer" and once I was home I started using the MyFitnessPal app, to track my calories and generally stuck  to 1,200  calories a day, and also started to do the 30 day shred, which did make my body feel much more toned, and helped make my shape look more in proportion. I have always been pear shaped and have had really large hips, but this time around (I have lost weight before) I feel like my hips are smaller and my arms a little bigger, and my body just looks smaller in general.

Working out has been key for me because not only has it changed my my shape, but i'm sure it has also made my metabolism faster, and now I don't put weight on that easily.

I am now 56kg (on a good day, ha!) and just want to make my body look the best, but i'm so much happier because I feel like me. My best version of me.



REN No1 Purity Cleansing Balm Review

REN have launched a new series of cleansers, that rather than being only suited to your skin type, they also come in different formulas (gel, cream, balm...you get the picture) which makes a nice change, and I do love a good cleansing balm.

In terms of texture this is a slightly harder texture than your average balm, yet once rubbed in it's slightly more oily and heavy.   It comes with a muslin cloth that you use to remove it, and it works a treat in terms of removing makeup.As with so many skin care products these days it smells like roses, which I love but may not be for everyone.

This would be particularly good if you are someone who likes to keep their skincare clean as REN use no parabens, sulphates, minral oil and more.

At £23 per 100ml it's not super cheap, but it's not going to break the bank either and considering the fact it contains so many lovely natural ingredients, I think it's pretty good.

Available here 


*PR sample      

NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Cleanser Review

Due to fact my skin hasn't got the best texture or tone in the world, i'm all over products that contain mild kinds of acid to help rectify that.This offering by Nip+ Fab is a high street player that contains 2% glycolic acid and claims to gently exfoliate & retexture, cleanse & purify and hydrate and smooth.

I had high hopes for this, I was hoping it was going to act the same way S&G peaches & clean did for me (but my skin is pretty use to it now) and leave my skin feeling super smooth and slightly raw (what can I say? I like that feeling, it feels like it's working!) and don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly pleasant product, but it's just not hard working enough for me, which can be said about so many of these types of products, they claim to be hard core, but somehow end up just not really doing much (Origins brighter by nature pads for example)

I use this on damp skin, and while it does feel rather unusual in terms of texture (kind of runny, and doesn't foam too much) and it smells nice and lemony, after I rinse it off my skin feels nice, and clean, but no more than that, and I can't say it has tone much in terms of brightening my skin or making it feel smoother.

at £7.95 per 150ml it's not bad value, but not something I think I will be buying again.

Avilable here 



Aromatherapy Associates polishing natural exfoliating scrub

Confession: I really like AA products (get it?), they just feel so luxe and smell amazing. I am also a huge lover a body scrubs and my week feels incomplete with a good scrub-down, so this has my name written all over it!

This scrub contains coffee, frankincense, pink grapefruit, seal salt & sweet almond oil, to help detox and cleanse the skin, while leaving you feeling invigorated and polished. it has the perfect not-too-harsh texture that provides a good exfoliation, but still feels nice on the skin. It does leave a slight oily film on your skin, so it's not good as a pre-tan scrub.I apply this on damp skin and then rinse it off, and if you shave your legs it will sting a little (the salt) so bare that in mind.

As with most AA products, the packaging is to die for, but while most AA products smell amazing, i'm not the biggest fan of the scent of this.......it just smells a little masculine to me, but it makes my skin feel lovely, so I can forgive that.

At £36 per 200ml it's not cheap, but then AA products are on the slightly more expensive side anyway, but they have such amazing quality ingredients, and such a luxe feel that they are a lovely treat if you have the spare £££. 
Available here



Super facialist by Una Brennan vitamin c+ brighten skin renew cleansing oil.

Nothing beats a good oil cleanser to remove your makeup, because it breaks down makeup much more easily, and i'm all over anything that claims to be brightening, so I was super excited to try this cleansing oil by Una Brennan.

This is described as a lightweight oil that helps to brighten and nourish the skin with vitamin C & olive oil, and more unusual indigents such as rosemary & cucumber oils. It also claims to to dissolve makeup and leave the skin feeling refreshed and soft. The best way to use an oil cleanser is to apply it on dry skin (over your makeup) and massage it all over, and then adding a little water so it can turn in to a milk.

I always remove my eye makeup first just because I feel like it makes more sense and stops my mascara getting all over my face, plus this does sting my eyes a little. I smooth it all over my face and it really does a fab job of removing my facial makeup, but I have to say, i'm not sure why it says it turns in to a "light milky texture"  because it doesn't really....it just becomes less of an oil, but not something you can smooth over your skin. Once you rinse it off, your skin does feel soft and clean but I can't say it's made my skin look brighter. it leaves no oily residue, but I would always suggest you double cleanse at night anyway, especially if your wearing makeup.

The packing of this product is something a lot of people have been talking about, while it's certainly chic looking (and rather like Origins packaging I must say) the lack of a pump is the biggest let down. It has a huge opening and it's a rather runny texture, so a pump would work so much  more effectively!  Another thing worth mentioning is it does smell amazing, really light and fruity, and does feel like a higher-end product that it is.

At £10.99 it's very reasonably priced, and a little will go along way, so I 100% think it's worth a try.
Available here.



Nail Of The Day- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Ion.

I fear I am a nail polish addict. I can't go a week without buying a new one and lately, I have been loving picking up some of the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polishes from my local pound shop (another addiction of mine, don't ask) because they always seem to have so many nice shades and are a lovely formula. Oh and let's not forget the oh-so-attractive £1 price tag!

Today i'm sporting the first none-summery shade I have worn in ages (sobs) which is called Ion. It's a pale, muted light grey shade, I love these types of shades because they somehow manage too look chic but cool at the same time. These polishes have a lovely, thick Essie style brush, which makes the application much nicer but I must admit this doesn't give the best finish after 1 coat, it looked very streaky, but after the second it was perfect. I always apply 2 coats of any shade anyway so it's not that much of a problem for me, but you may be disappointed if you love a one coat wonder.  

I added a little glitter on my ring finger just for some fun, but I would 100% suggest you pick up this shade if you see it, great for this time of year and a good canvas for nail art if that's your kind of thing too!




I have so much makeup that I feel like I really should get rid of things i'm not really using.....a few rules however:

  • First come, first served.
  • Please leave me your Paypal address in the comments and pay within 24 hours. 
  • Please send payment to thesparkleicious@gmail.com on paypal, and be sure to mark the payment as a gift so to avoid those Paypal charges. 
  • Postage is £2.50 for small items & an additional 50p per extra item.
  • UK only.
  • Please search for swatches before buying, I will not be held responsible if something does look the same on you.

Happy Shopping!

MAC St Germain lipstick- used twice £8 *SOLD*

MAC lollipop loving (Limited edition) lightly used £6 *SOLD*

MAC Creme d'nude lipstick (slightly melted) £5 *SOLD*

MAC angel lipstick (lightly used) £7 *SOLD*

REVLON lip butter in peach parfait (Used once) £6.50

Jemma Kidd lipgloss in petal (Hardly used) £7

MAC lipglass in underage (Hardly used) £8 *SOLD*

Soft touch eye palette (lightly used) £5

BOURJOIS healthy mix foundation in shade 56 (lightly used) £6

Estee Laurder doublewear light in intensity 4.0 (Used twice) £17

MAC minralize skinfinish foundation in NC35 (Hardly used) £15

Stilla quad in Marrakesh  (used twice) £8

Urban Decay naked 2 palette (hardly used) £23

MAC Lipglass in  electric fuchsia (hardly used) £7

MAC dazzle glass in sugarrimmed (half used) £5

 MAC dazzle glass in baby sparks (Half used) £5

* Will sell both dazzle glasses for £8

Maybelline amber rose lipstick (hardly used) £5

MAC blush in pink swoon £13

VERA WANG princess perfume (Half used) £20


Amie Morning Dew matte-finish moisturiser

My skin has always been pretty oily, and while I tend to use an SPF most mornings, on days where I don't have to leave the house, I like to use a light oil-free moisturizer. This offering by Amie claims to provide you with the softest, dewiest shine-free skin, which is right up my street!

Amie products are fast becoming one of the best skin care brands from the drugstore that cater to young skin, with a pretty, girly approach rather than the "FAST! SPOTS! OIL! ATTACK WITH SUPER HARSH PRODUCTS!" approach most brands targeting young skin tend to go for (Ok they don't shout, but you get the idea) and I think it's a refreshing change. This moisturizer doesn't contain mineral oil, parabens or sulfates, and is good for those of you who are perhaps vegan.

In all honesty when it comes to an oil-free moisturizer you can't really expect much, apart from it helping to keep your skin nice and matte, and this does just that. It has a lightweight texture that absorbs pretty fast, and has a yellow tint to it.....not sure what that does, but felt it worth a mention. It's very cheap and like all Amie products, smells amazing,  so what more could you ask for?

Amie morning dew matte-finish moisturizer is available here  and in most boots stores, for a very reasonable £4.95.   


*PR sample

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

I have been testing this range for a while now, and while I don't love every items from the line, I do really love the idea behind the brand. Lilly farm fresh products  are all made in a farm in Colorado, and are all made from fresh grown ingredients that are USDA certified organic. Maybe it's just me but I picture a little house in someones garden, where lovely ladies sit and make amazing natural skin care products.....ok, so i'm assuming it doesn't really work that way, but it does sound cool right?

I picked a few products from the line made for normal skin, but they do have ranges suited to other skin types as well. All the products come in lovely glass packing that would not look out of place in a shop, but still manage to look very natural.

First up we have the seaweed balancing cleanser. This is one of those products that I feel like the idea was amazing, but it's just not what I was looking for in terms of texture. It claims to tone, detoxify, balance & cleanse the skin. I have used this in the morning and while it's not unpleasant, it didn't leave my skin feeling super clean and the texture was very runny.Next, the balancing facial toner. I adore using toners that come in a spray bottle in the morning, there's something so refreshing about it don't you think? Anyway, this is really lovely. I just mist it over my face in the morning and it works a treat. It does have a very natural, strong herbal scent which I don't mind, but other may find too much. The oil free conditioning serum is my top pick from the range, it's a lightweight serum that really helps to mattify my skin ans sinks in beautifully. Bliss. Last but not least we have the rejuvenating enzyme mask. It's suggested you use this daily which I find rather strange for a mask, I only use them twice a week but this is rather odd.....if I didn't know any better I would say it's just a pot of honey. Honey is known to have amazing effects  on the skin so it's not surprising it's the number 1 ingredient, and is has that honey like texture as well. I apply this on dry, clean skin and it does leave your skin feeling smooth and clean, but i'm not sure it's very active at removing dead skin cells, as the name would suggest.

Overall this is a pretty interesting line, with rather unusual products, the only downside is they are only available online, meaning you will have to pay shipping if your not local.

Lily farm fresh skin care is available here  


*PR sample

HealGel Eye.

When it comes to eye creams, i'm the first to admit I have yet to find one that can transform the look of my under eye area and help erase the fine lines (I don't care what men say, I do have fine lies under my eyes) but I still enjoy using one, maybe it's just a case of a totally complete skin care routine? i'm not sure, but I can't go without.

When this healgel eye landed at my door step, I was intrigued by the fact it's a gel, as I tend to prefer formulas that are light in the morning as they sit better under makeup, and I go for creamier options at night. This eye gel claims to  lift, brighten & revive your under eye area and help fight things like puffiness, dark circles & uneven skin tone, and provide a great base for makeup.

I have to admit I do love how this sits under my concealer, it has just enough slip to it to smooth the area, but it's dry enough in texture to not move round cause your makeup to slide around or crease.  I can't say I have noticed any lifting effects (and I swear my eyes could do with a bit of that) but it does sooth and even out my under eye area.  

I like that fact the packaging isn't your classic little pot, this comes with a pump which I always prefer, but you do have to be careful not to pump out too much as you only need a small amount. Overall, I do think this is a lovely product, and great if your younger and just want something light, or even if you just want something  that's not too heavy on the skin during the warmer months.

Healgel is available here for £32 per 15ml.


*PR Sample


HONEY By Mark Jacobs Perfume Review!

Truth be told I have never been one of those women who has a classic signature scent. I love so many fragrances that I find it impossible to only pick one, and i'm a huge believer in your fragrance being season appropriate. I love sweet, heavy and slightly spicy fragrances in the winter, and fresh, light ones in summer time, so that's what i'm here to talk to you about today.

I have been a fan of Mark Jacobs fragrances for year, the first one I ever used was what my mother use to wear, I believe it was called rain, and that was just what it smelt like, pure and fresh. Then I moved on to Lola and Daisy, and it didn't hurt the packaging on the last two was pretty amazing too, which brings me to the latest addition: Honey.

Honey is described as a fruity and floral fragrance with key notes of pear, orange blossom and honey and has that distinctive Mark Jacobs look. When I first tested this, I was surprised how fresh it smelt, and how little it actually had that sweet honey scent, which i'm not a fan of in the warmer months. Honey smells very light and fresh and I would say the most noticeable note in it to me is pear, which I adore as it's so light and summery! 

Once it settles on the skin it's very subtle and feminine, and ever-so-slightly more grown-up than the likes of Lola and Daisy, and I find it lasts longer on the skin too. In terms of the packaging, the box is a super cute bright yellow polka dot design that looks fun and young, and the bottle it's self is a classic shape, that has that added fabulous MJ cuteness to it, in the form of the little stripy flowers and gold hardware.

Mark Jacobs Honey eau de parfum  is available here at a very reasonable price of £43.99 per 100ml, so it's time to treat yourself to a new summer fragrance I think!


*PR sample 


AMIE New Bloom Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes.

I will be the first to confess: I don't like face wipes. I have nothing against them per-say, I just love skin care and actually adore taking the time to remove my makeup and properly cleansing my face, so there really is no room in my routine for wipes. But I know that so many of you love using them to remove your makeup with, so I agreed to test them out for you, and to be honest i'm glad I did, but maybe not for the reason you think......

Amie describe these as "Multi-tasking wipes that instantly wipe away dirt, oil and makeup and will leave your skin feeling toned and moisturized in one sweep" They also claim that because they contain natural extracts of green tea, pomegranate and cranberry they will also help your skin look radiant, clear and feel soft.

The reason I have actually been enjoying these wipes is because I have been in the process of moving (ie, the most stressful thing ever!) I have been so busy and things were not all unpacked yet. so these wipes came in handy to remove my makeup before cleansing properly. The first thing you notice about these is the fact thet smell lovely, something I have noticed about all Amie products, very fresh and slightly floral. They did remove all my facial makeup, and i'd say 80% of my eye makeup.

Overall I think if you like using wipes you will love these, they smell lush and are good quality wipes, but not right for me, I need that super clean feeling after cleansing but if your in a rush, or maybe camping this summer (festival anyone?) than you will love these.

AMIE New Bloom Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes are available in boots, superdrug and online here for £3.49 for 25 wipes.



The beauty box with a difference?

With so many beauty boxes on the market these days, it does feel like if you have seen one, you have seen them all. Pretty boxes filled with small samples and always wishing you got what someone else did in their box is usually the case, but not with this box.

Beautecobox is the box with the difference because it offers you choice. Along with 1 or 2 "star" products, ie, full size products, you will receive 5 samples in each box.You can pick form 3 boxes so you also know what your getting, removing the element of surprise and envy when it comes to other peoples boxes. I picked box No 3 because the products in it seemed the most "me", and let's face it there is nothing more annoying than samples you know won't work for you and just end up cluttering your bathroom drawer.

In terms of packaging this box is also slightly different,most beauty boxes focus on pretty boxes and loads of packaging, but this box comes in a plain cardboard box (that is 100% recyclable, hence the eco part in the name) with minimal packaging, which is nice because 1)It means less rubbish to put in your recycling bin and 2)If you are a fan of beauty boxes, chances are you have enough pretty pink boxes already.   

In terms of content, box no 3 contains: 

Anatomicals Body Scrub RRP £3.49 per 200ml. 

Anatomicals Hand Cream RRP £3 per 100ml

Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser RRP £120 per 60ml

Mitchell & Peach Body Cream RRP £36 per 180ml

Melvita Ultra Cleansing Oil Rose RRP £15 per 200ml

If you want more information on the items in this box please click here here.

As you can see, you get a very good selection of products that range from affordable to luxury, which is always nice. My hero products from this box are the cleansing oil, what can I say? i'm a sucker for cleansing oils, and the body scrub (which smells amazing). 

In all honestly I had become a little disheartened with beauty boxes, but this one has restored my faith in them a little.  In terms of prices, this box is no exception. You will pay £10 a month plus £2.95 for postage, so it's a pretty affordable treat.

You can get your box here.