My weight Loss Story

I have done countless weight loss related videos on my channel (you can watch them here) but I wanted to share my story on here as well. My weight gain is pretty simple to explain really, I just took my eye off the ball in terms of eating and working out, and was eating big portions, of whatever I wanted. While some people can just eat what they like and know when to stop, I have to really watch what I eat, and I just wasn't. Plus, I was doing zero exercise. 

My weight does fluctuate, but I had gone from my usual 57kg (again, it can change on a weekly basis, time of the month, ect) to a whopping 70kg, which is way too much for my 5ft 1.5 frame. I looked big (for me), my cloths didn't fit me properly, my face was looking extremely round and I just knew I didn't look my best.

(Loose clothing, and my super round face)

So in September last year I was going to a wedding and decided to start losing weight. The time point here is key because, why didn't I get my ass in to gear way before that, why now? and the answer to that is simple: I wasn't ready. You have to feel ready, and you have to really really want it, or you won't give it your all.

I started my day with cereal with skimmed milk, a sandwich for lunch with low cal crisps, fruit as snacks and something like soup for dinner. And on a weekend, I would have a treat day and eat what I wanted.I also started to work out again on my exercise  bike, starting with 10mins the first day, then 15, then 20 and so on. I didn't weigh myself during this time, but by November I was back down to 60kg and fitting in my regular clothes, which felt AMAZING! 

My problem areas before were all over really, but mainly my hips and my arms, and also my legs. After I lost the weight, the first place I noticed a difference was my tummy, and sadly my boobs that went down a cup size.I took some time off over xmas and pretty much eat what I wanted, and didn't really put weight on, I just felt a little "softer" and once I was home I started using the MyFitnessPal app, to track my calories and generally stuck  to 1,200  calories a day, and also started to do the 30 day shred, which did make my body feel much more toned, and helped make my shape look more in proportion. I have always been pear shaped and have had really large hips, but this time around (I have lost weight before) I feel like my hips are smaller and my arms a little bigger, and my body just looks smaller in general.

Working out has been key for me because not only has it changed my my shape, but i'm sure it has also made my metabolism faster, and now I don't put weight on that easily.

I am now 56kg (on a good day, ha!) and just want to make my body look the best, but i'm so much happier because I feel like me. My best version of me.



  1. now, you need to keep this weight for at least your next 5 years coming. Congratulation, you look perfect

  2. Well done! You look amazing, there's nothing nicer than feeling happy with your body!


  3. I think You always look beautiful but I know how You felt when You were at Your biggest - that's me now.I mean, I lost 5kg already, but I need to lose about 10-15 more. I love that You don't believe in miracle diets, fasting and all that bullshit and You spread the word about just being healthy :). You look gorgeous, I wish You to stay that way and I don't mean thinner, but feeling the best version of You :).