Nail Of The Day- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Ion.

I fear I am a nail polish addict. I can't go a week without buying a new one and lately, I have been loving picking up some of the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polishes from my local pound shop (another addiction of mine, don't ask) because they always seem to have so many nice shades and are a lovely formula. Oh and let's not forget the oh-so-attractive £1 price tag!

Today i'm sporting the first none-summery shade I have worn in ages (sobs) which is called Ion. It's a pale, muted light grey shade, I love these types of shades because they somehow manage too look chic but cool at the same time. These polishes have a lovely, thick Essie style brush, which makes the application much nicer but I must admit this doesn't give the best finish after 1 coat, it looked very streaky, but after the second it was perfect. I always apply 2 coats of any shade anyway so it's not that much of a problem for me, but you may be disappointed if you love a one coat wonder.  

I added a little glitter on my ring finger just for some fun, but I would 100% suggest you pick up this shade if you see it, great for this time of year and a good canvas for nail art if that's your kind of thing too!


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  1. It's a very clean and stylish look, very nice :o). Xx