My name is Avia and I make YouTube videos under the moniker thesparkleicious. As a beauty addict, There are so many products out there it can seen very confusing, so here I share with you plenty of product reviews, looks, outfit ideas, as well as some lifestyle and topical posts as well.


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  2. Dear Avia,
    I love your videos.
    I'm desperate to know: where do you get you hair cut? Who does it for you?
    I'd love to know.
    Desperately curly in Oxford

  3. How old are you ? :)

  4. i'd just like to say that i have been watching your youtube videos for a while but have only just ventured onto your blog. I also love makeup, hair and fashion and as you said there is so much choice therefore your posts always help me. I hear a lot about the horrifically unkind things people say to youtubers so i'd also like to mention that you are a natural beauty.
    Thanks xx :)

  5. I think you are beautiful, you are stylish, sexy, and amazing in every way. I wish I was your boyfriend. XX

  6. If you was single I would have to ask you out. You are such a sexy awesome woman, your boyfriend is a lucky man.