Detatchable cleavage, yes I just said that!

I'm about to say somthing that is going to make all you lovely girls think i'm a total weirdo. Let me explain.

I have a love/hate relashionship with big boobs. Being a woman who was not naturally blessed with big girls, I grow up whishing they would grow and they did, a littile. So now, I have ended up with medium girls, not big not small, just a humble 34 c cup.

Having a curvy body and big hips, I need boobs to make me look more sexy hourglass then pear shaped. Enter the best bra in the world: LA SENZA  triple xxx gel bra.
It's amazing. you really do end up looking like you have invested in some pammy's.

Now that being said, I do like my natural size too and in some outfits they can actually look much better, but if I am ever in need of a boost, you know what I pop on! the bra is really light feeling on skin, pretty and in my opinion, affordable too. (think of it as a detatchable boob job!).

have you got one yet?

take care xxx


OXY 10 Benzoyl peroxide lotion

As I said, this is my review of the OXY spot treatmeant, that has given me a really bad rash.

OXY describe this prouduct as "a maximum strength spot treatment for stubborn spots & acne". And trust me, they are not kidding. This stuff is super strong, and claims to "kill more than 90% of the spot causing bacteria in 24 hours" what they have forgoten to mention is it also killls 90% of your skin cells along with it.

I dont have acne, but I do get the odd  lovey spot. That was the case that led me to try out this prouduct. I applied a small amount of my chin area (spot zone!) and went to bed.....only to wake up the next morning with red, sore dry skin. Now, this may be down to the high content of Benzoyl peroxide, an organic compound in the peroxide family, and is very often used as an acne treatment. After doing some reserch, I found that you must be over 16 to buy this prouduct, and that it comes with some pretty scary Hazards and Cautions:

"Mild burning or tingling may be felt when oxy 10 is applied. Mild to moderate peeling and redness sometimes occur with continuous use. This shows that the OXY 10 is working. If the reaction is excessive, reduce the quantity and frequancy of application. If the reaction persists seek medical advice from your doctor or local Boots pharmacy immediately.
Avoid contact with eyes, lips and mouth."
pretty scary I know, and I for one will not be using this ever again, it was just way to harsh and strong and red dry skin is not a look I want.

Have any of you used this? how did you find it?



Maxi skirt ramble

After reading one of laura's blogposts about her new maxi skirt and I couldn't help but wonder.......is it for me?

I was not a fan of this trend at all at first, it was too boho chic for me and couldn't really find a way I liked to style it. But now, I have seen so many nice ones around, it got me thinking once more...........Do I want one?

I love this one from ASOS.COM

The only problamo is, I dont like to be covered up (yes, it's my inner slut what can I say?) so I feel like the best thing to wear with a maxi skirt is a vest top. But I don't love the way my arms look in a vest.....and the other thing is, I'm short ok? very......5 ft 1 short to to be precise.

That means I fear a long maxi skirt will make me look like mrs peperpot (remmber her!?) and also, my usual trick of heels can not work in this case, as I think a maxi skirt only looks good with a flat sandle.

So, maybe this trend is not for me after all but I do want it.............do you?

Take care! xxx

Make your own sexy body scrub!

We all need a good scrub every now and then don't we ladies?

Although I have I do love trying out new body scrubs and do use a body scrub religiously twice a week, I very often  make my own lovely body scrubs, and very often they are so much nicer than some of the ones I have  paid for (yes, boots own brand I am talking to you!).

All you need is:

A glass jar or anything you are going to keep your scrub in (you may want to only make a small amount the first time just to see how you get on and if you like it)

Half a pack of suger

Some kind of oil ( I use the neutrogena dry body oil, but if you are on a budget plain old olive oil is amazing too!)

Your aromatic oil of choice (for somthing relaxing try lavender oil, and for somthing more uplifting try lemongrass oil)

Now all you need to do is:

Mix the suger and oil, using a little oil at a time. you want the suger to be coverd in oil, but not drenched. Once they are mixed, all you need to do add a few drops of your scented oil, and mix it all up once more.

Use this is dry skin in the shower, and then rinse off. Your skin will be feeling super silky and sexy!

Take care my lovely girl


The best face mask for getting rid of cogested pores

Forget about those silly sheet masks and nose strips, I have found the answer!

Ok, slightly dramatic I know, but this stuff is amazing. The prodouct i'm talking about is the sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask. The reason I have so much love for this  is all my life, I have suffered with congested pores on my nose and chin area. (mostly my lovely chin however, that also happens to be my "spotty zone" as I like to call it)

My skin is super oily, but I am lucky to be able to say that apart from that I do have pretty good skin. But being the obsessive woman that I am, I hate the pores on my chin and nose and at time even my cheeks and wanted somthing to make then look better .So what does the brand claim this mask does?

"The warmth of this Sanctuary Thermal Detox self-heating mask helps to open up the pores so the charcoal and kaolin clay can help draw out the impurities from deep within the skin."
Basicly girls, it's a self-heating clay and charcole mask that uses the fact that it heats up upon application to open the pores up and really clean then out.

  • Pro's:
  • It's good value for money at £10.20  for 100ml.
  • It really heats up! I  have used so many face masks that claim to "heat up" and it never really works, you just end up with a slight rush of heat, ad then nothing. Well not with this mask! it really does get very warm and you can physically your pores opening up.
  • Its leaves your pores super clean and your skin feeling soft and matte.
  • It's easy to use: apply on clean skin and it does not "set".
  • It's good for busy women, 5 minutes and your skin is dramatically better.

  • Con's:
  • The scent.....kind of smells like play-dough, but I can live with that!
This is what it looks like:

(note the pretty nice packaging)

Overall, I think this is amazing and if you suffer from oily skin and blocked pores, this is a godsend.

Really makes me wonder about some more facial skincare by the satctuary......a trip to BOOTS anyone?!

take care my  lovely ladies


Clothing haul

As promised, I have taken some photos of my recent purchases.
I  must however, admite this did feel rather strange and slightly self indulgent just posing to the camara.

But the way I like to look at it is these are high street items, made for normal women so surely it is far better to see them on a normal woman and not a model!

Case in point:

The lovely RIVER ISLAND  playsuit:

I  love the color and the amazing ruffle detailing

TOPSHOP shirt......ahhh let it be said I do love a bit of casual see- thru.

Classic, timeless ZARA  dress:

With the TOPSHOP  rose belt, just to add a little fun:

Last but not least, the black ZARA trench coat:

That is all ladies......what do you think? got anything new lately?

take care:)