Maxi skirt ramble

After reading one of laura's blogposts about her new maxi skirt and I couldn't help but wonder.......is it for me?

I was not a fan of this trend at all at first, it was too boho chic for me and couldn't really find a way I liked to style it. But now, I have seen so many nice ones around, it got me thinking once more...........Do I want one?

I love this one from ASOS.COM

The only problamo is, I dont like to be covered up (yes, it's my inner slut what can I say?) so I feel like the best thing to wear with a maxi skirt is a vest top. But I don't love the way my arms look in a vest.....and the other thing is, I'm short ok? very......5 ft 1 short to to be precise.

That means I fear a long maxi skirt will make me look like mrs peperpot (remmber her!?) and also, my usual trick of heels can not work in this case, as I think a maxi skirt only looks good with a flat sandle.

So, maybe this trend is not for me after all but I do want it.............do you?

Take care! xxx

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  1. I know this post is quite old but ive just stumbled across your youtube channel and now your blog and i quite adore them both:) but i wanted to comment because i had the same thoughts on maxis! (a wrote a similar post on my blog purplecupcakelove.blogspot.com) i didnt like them at first, then i saw them everywhere and they grew on me. i wasnt sure if they were for me tho since im short like you, im just over 5 ft but i got one and wear it with flat boots in this cold weather:)