OXY 10 Benzoyl peroxide lotion

As I said, this is my review of the OXY spot treatmeant, that has given me a really bad rash.

OXY describe this prouduct as "a maximum strength spot treatment for stubborn spots & acne". And trust me, they are not kidding. This stuff is super strong, and claims to "kill more than 90% of the spot causing bacteria in 24 hours" what they have forgoten to mention is it also killls 90% of your skin cells along with it.

I dont have acne, but I do get the odd  lovey spot. That was the case that led me to try out this prouduct. I applied a small amount of my chin area (spot zone!) and went to bed.....only to wake up the next morning with red, sore dry skin. Now, this may be down to the high content of Benzoyl peroxide, an organic compound in the peroxide family, and is very often used as an acne treatment. After doing some reserch, I found that you must be over 16 to buy this prouduct, and that it comes with some pretty scary Hazards and Cautions:

"Mild burning or tingling may be felt when oxy 10 is applied. Mild to moderate peeling and redness sometimes occur with continuous use. This shows that the OXY 10 is working. If the reaction is excessive, reduce the quantity and frequancy of application. If the reaction persists seek medical advice from your doctor or local Boots pharmacy immediately.
Avoid contact with eyes, lips and mouth."
pretty scary I know, and I for one will not be using this ever again, it was just way to harsh and strong and red dry skin is not a look I want.

Have any of you used this? how did you find it?


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  1. I've had the same experience with other products that have Benzoyl peroxide in them. Turns out, lots of people are allergic to it. Because it is so harsh, I have to find products with out it. Try the acne line from Murad. They have a spot treatment and their main ingredient is not benzoyl peroxide.