Food Dairy-2/10/2013

So I am going to start doing the odd "what I eat" type of posts every now and then, most down to requests and also to help me look at what i'm eating properly. I'm trying to count calories atm just to lose a tiny bit of weight, and i'm trying out just counting cals, and eating a little more "normal" my lunch for example, would ALWAYS be a wholegrain bagel, but as they are higher in calories I went for the WW just to see....it was ok, but not the best. (New york bagels are)

Breakfast- 2 weetbix with cinnamon, skimmed milk & strawberries. YUMMY!
Lunch-WW bagel with light mayo, cucumber, onion & loads of rocket. It's what I call my salad sandwich and it's lovely! and under 250 cals, give it a try! I also had some of the Jacobs oddidites cracker snacks (the ready salted kind) for the fist time.......not sure about them. The portion is HUGE for 114 cals and they do feel "naughty" but they taste like something and i'm not sure what, but it's not ready salted.
Snack- Some red grapes.
Dinner- I made some healthy egg fried rice make with brown rice, peas, spring onion, 1 egg and light soy sauce. I also had some grilled hallumi cheese and same raw pepper too. It was yummy!
Snack-I had a frozen areo mousse (best idea,EVER!)that was lovely! high in sugar but only 94 cals.

Drinks- 3 liters of water and countless cups of green tea.
Workouts- 30 mins on the bike.

so that's what I eat today, I know, I know, too many carbs, too much sugar....but, low in calories and filling, and the most important part is it's yummy!