YouTube Weight!

Hands up if you are a little worried about your weight. Hands up if someones else's weight bothers you? now that's an interesting question....

I recently came across a post that was all about a certain beauty guru's weight gain. Someone had actually taken the time to write about the fact that she had gained weight and then all the comments were suggesting why and what she should do. Let me just make it clear that this was all about a person who did not say anything about her weight in her videos and that all these people were in fact talking about someone who they had never even met. I wanted to share this topic on here because it made me feel really angry, and somewhat confused too. Why do people care?

I understand that as soon as you put yourself on the internet, your basically opening yourself up to a hole new level of criticism, just as you would if you were a celeb. But the problem is, why do people care if a youtuber gains weight? One camp will say that they are just looking out for her, wanting her to be happy (not that she ever said she wasn't...) and the other people, well they just want to point out the negative in my opinion. All these comments were about a woman who in my eyes, is perfectly normal. Other comments were suggesting that she was simply, too lazy to lose weight. What i'm asking is since when did it become a crime to gain weight and maybe, just maybe not act upon it?

I'm sure some of you are thinking "hang on a minute there miss, your trying to lose weight?" but that's exactly my point i'm doing it because I want to, no one else.Who is anyone to feel like complete stranger, no matter how much you feel you know them because you watch their videos, should feel bad about gaining weight? I'm sure that no one needs to be told they have gained weight, people are not stupid, they can tell! and if they chose to stay like that, does it ever occur to people that maybe they are happy the way the are?

Share your thoughts with me!