Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 5!

So we are now on day 5 and I decided to give it ago on the other settings, and I tested it on the exfoliating setting on my face this time.

Boy was this strong! I was using it with a foaming cleanser and it it does give your skin a good scrub i'll tell you that! i'm still not sure how  I feel about it to be totally honest, I can see how if you have very oily skin this will feel amazing for you, but my skin is more combination and I feel like it just a little too harsh on my skin. 

I am looking forward to the end of the 7 days so I can share my final thoughts because i'm still a little unsure about how I feel about it, and that's unusual for me with a product.



Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 4!

So today I tested out the Body Brush part of this, and this is where I think this brush really shines. Granted, it's a bit of a luxury to use a brush on your body, but considering i'm a huge fan of body brushing, I had a sneaky suspicion I was going to enjoy this.   

I used it on the exfoliating setting and with a shower gel just lightly brushed all over my body. This would particularly work for those you who suffer from ingrown hairs & those little bumps of dry skin that usually happen on the upper arm area.The harshness on the brush isn't as noticeable on your body, in fact it's actually nice and left my skin feeling lovely and soft, and due to the fact I used while standing up in my bath, there was no mess involved too. 

Would you use something like this on a weekly basis or is this just too much of an unnecessary step in your routine? I love these types of things and relish doing them on a weekly basis, but that may just be the beauty addict in me.



Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 3!

So today is day 3 and I still feel the same in all honesty, tomorrow I will be testing it as a body brush which i'm very excited about! so for today's post I thought I would give you some information of the benefits the brush.

It is claimed that within 7 days, the usage of the brush will provide 10 different benefits such as:

 *More effective deep cleansing and 

removal of impurities

*Can help increase collagen in skin
Softer, smoother and clearer looking 
skin tone

*Firmer, tighter feeling skin texture
Can help diminish the appearance of 
fine lines and wrinkles.

*Noticeable increase in blood 
circulation to the skin

*Helps reduce appearance of visible 

*Gentle exfoliation of dry skin for 
silkier arms and legs

*Helps reduce razor rash and irritation 
after hair removal.

*Enhanced moisture and nutrient 
absorption of your regular skin 
products (SPF, self-tan, moisturisers).

Bold claims right? I personally found that it does indeed help to increase the blood flow to your face, and I have definitely noticed how much more effectively the products have been absorbing in to my skin, which is always nice if you are using skin care you want to know you are getting the most for your money!



Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 2!

So today was my second day using the brush, and I have been using only at night so far, as I feel that's when you need a deeper cleanse. I don't know what it is about these types of brushes but I feel like they clean your face so much better than you ever could manually!

I have not noticed any huge changes since last night, but my skin did feel much smoother this morning and i'm still only able to use it on the sensitive setting as it's very strong, and does leave my skin a little red afterwords. It does leave your skin feeling a little tight but that may just be down to my skin type (combo). I know most people tend to worry a little over your skin having a "purging" period, where your skin get's bad before it gets better but I can honestly say it's not something I have ever really experienced. 

I am hoping for a noticeable chance in the clarity  & texture of my skin but for now, I will leave you with a list of where you can buy this, as it's so widely available for a product of it's kind.

Boots.com - £64.99 

Lookfantastic - £65 

Beauty Expert - £65 

HQ Hair - £65 

Amazon UK - £65 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00FG0L44A



Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 1!

Facial cleansing brushes have been huge for years now, claiming to change your skin and provide a deep cleanse that no wash cloth or hands ever could. So i'm sure you can appreciate my excitement when I was asked to give this brush a 7 day trail & review!

I will be giving daily updates on my blog and full, final review on my channel at the end of 7 days with all the detailed information, and what changes I have seen.

The Magnitone pulsar cleansing brush claims to change the appearance of your skin in just 7 days, and seen as how today is day 1, here are my initial thoughts, a first impressions if you will:    

* This brush has several settings (more on that later) I used it on the sensative setting but it was much harsher than i'm use too.
* It was a little messy, because the brush moves pretty fast, and I used a lightly foaming cleanser, it did get messy.
*I did miss not having time settings as it's hard to see how long you are using it for.
*My skin was left feeling AMAZINGLY soft!

So these are my first impressions, have you tried this before? if so, what did you think?

Please check back for day 2 tomorrow! 


*PR sample