Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 3!

So today is day 3 and I still feel the same in all honesty, tomorrow I will be testing it as a body brush which i'm very excited about! so for today's post I thought I would give you some information of the benefits the brush.

It is claimed that within 7 days, the usage of the brush will provide 10 different benefits such as:

 *More effective deep cleansing and 

removal of impurities

*Can help increase collagen in skin
Softer, smoother and clearer looking 
skin tone

*Firmer, tighter feeling skin texture
Can help diminish the appearance of 
fine lines and wrinkles.

*Noticeable increase in blood 
circulation to the skin

*Helps reduce appearance of visible 

*Gentle exfoliation of dry skin for 
silkier arms and legs

*Helps reduce razor rash and irritation 
after hair removal.

*Enhanced moisture and nutrient 
absorption of your regular skin 
products (SPF, self-tan, moisturisers).

Bold claims right? I personally found that it does indeed help to increase the blood flow to your face, and I have definitely noticed how much more effectively the products have been absorbing in to my skin, which is always nice if you are using skin care you want to know you are getting the most for your money!


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