Magnitone Pulsar Facial & Body Brush Review- Day 4!

So today I tested out the Body Brush part of this, and this is where I think this brush really shines. Granted, it's a bit of a luxury to use a brush on your body, but considering i'm a huge fan of body brushing, I had a sneaky suspicion I was going to enjoy this.   

I used it on the exfoliating setting and with a shower gel just lightly brushed all over my body. This would particularly work for those you who suffer from ingrown hairs & those little bumps of dry skin that usually happen on the upper arm area.The harshness on the brush isn't as noticeable on your body, in fact it's actually nice and left my skin feeling lovely and soft, and due to the fact I used while standing up in my bath, there was no mess involved too. 

Would you use something like this on a weekly basis or is this just too much of an unnecessary step in your routine? I love these types of things and relish doing them on a weekly basis, but that may just be the beauty addict in me.


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