So sorry i have been such a naughty bloger!

I have been really ill lately, and have actually been in hispital all bloody week due to some odd heart problem i have foundout i have (DON'T PANIC!  i'm fine, not sure what the prob is just yet, but all is good!)

So i'm home now resting and getting better so just wanted to say hey and i hope you are all doing well:)

See you soon!


Product love- MAC face and body foundation

I am a foundation junkie.
I'm such a sucker for things that promise amazing flawless skin.....and I love buying foundation in hope of finding a new amazing base for my make up.

That is the reason I decided to try MAC face and body foundation. Much loved by makeup artists around the world, this is water based foundation that can be used both on your body and on your face.

So what is it like you ask?
Well, I adore this product. It’s a very thin, runny almost water like formula.
When you apply it at first it feels very watery, but after about a minute it "sets".

This it what it loook like once you start to blend it in.

On the skin it just looks like skin, and that is what i love about it.It looks like fresh lovely dewy skin.

Its very sheer, natural coverge and I LOVE IT!

What do you think about think foundation?