Detatchable cleavage, yes I just said that!

I'm about to say somthing that is going to make all you lovely girls think i'm a total weirdo. Let me explain.

I have a love/hate relashionship with big boobs. Being a woman who was not naturally blessed with big girls, I grow up whishing they would grow and they did, a littile. So now, I have ended up with medium girls, not big not small, just a humble 34 c cup.

Having a curvy body and big hips, I need boobs to make me look more sexy hourglass then pear shaped. Enter the best bra in the world: LA SENZA  triple xxx gel bra.
It's amazing. you really do end up looking like you have invested in some pammy's.

Now that being said, I do like my natural size too and in some outfits they can actually look much better, but if I am ever in need of a boost, you know what I pop on! the bra is really light feeling on skin, pretty and in my opinion, affordable too. (think of it as a detatchable boob job!).

have you got one yet?

take care xxx

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