Make your own sexy body scrub!

We all need a good scrub every now and then don't we ladies?

Although I have I do love trying out new body scrubs and do use a body scrub religiously twice a week, I very often  make my own lovely body scrubs, and very often they are so much nicer than some of the ones I have  paid for (yes, boots own brand I am talking to you!).

All you need is:

A glass jar or anything you are going to keep your scrub in (you may want to only make a small amount the first time just to see how you get on and if you like it)

Half a pack of suger

Some kind of oil ( I use the neutrogena dry body oil, but if you are on a budget plain old olive oil is amazing too!)

Your aromatic oil of choice (for somthing relaxing try lavender oil, and for somthing more uplifting try lemongrass oil)

Now all you need to do is:

Mix the suger and oil, using a little oil at a time. you want the suger to be coverd in oil, but not drenched. Once they are mixed, all you need to do add a few drops of your scented oil, and mix it all up once more.

Use this is dry skin in the shower, and then rinse off. Your skin will be feeling super silky and sexy!

Take care my lovely girl


  1. Love these natural beauty posts! I use brown sugar, white sugar, and olive oil as a heavy duty scrub and it truly does wonders for your skin, making it soft and touchable =)

    - Mariam

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