Elemis fresh skin softly softly daily moisturizer & dreamy sleep moisturisers!

Elemis have done a very important thing with their freshskin range because I have always felt there has been a gap in the market when it comes to skin care. For the longest time, I feel like there have been ranges for teens, and ranges for older women, us ladies in our 20's were being over looked!

We no longer need spot cream, but we don't want to overload our skin with heavy night creams, so we need light hydration that doesn't leave our faces oily.

The Elemis softly softly daily moistriser has a lively natural herbal scent and it does feel lovely on the skin. it's slightly thicker than your average daily moisturiser  and I would only wear it in the house due to the fact it has no SPF, but it does give your skin some added radiance.

The dreamy sleep moisturizer is an overnight replenishing cream that again,smells amazing and feels nice on the skin, and does feel like it's going to nourish your skin during the night.

At £20 for the day cream and £22 for the night cream they are not exactly budget buys, but as you get a little older it's good to invest in your skin care a little more.

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  1. Oh I have the day cream it's gorgeous! A really nice light, but moisturising cream, fab!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube