Super facialist by Una Brennan vitamin c+ brighten skin renew cleansing oil.

Nothing beats a good oil cleanser to remove your makeup, because it breaks down makeup much more easily, and i'm all over anything that claims to be brightening, so I was super excited to try this cleansing oil by Una Brennan.

This is described as a lightweight oil that helps to brighten and nourish the skin with vitamin C & olive oil, and more unusual indigents such as rosemary & cucumber oils. It also claims to to dissolve makeup and leave the skin feeling refreshed and soft. The best way to use an oil cleanser is to apply it on dry skin (over your makeup) and massage it all over, and then adding a little water so it can turn in to a milk.

I always remove my eye makeup first just because I feel like it makes more sense and stops my mascara getting all over my face, plus this does sting my eyes a little. I smooth it all over my face and it really does a fab job of removing my facial makeup, but I have to say, i'm not sure why it says it turns in to a "light milky texture"  because it doesn't really....it just becomes less of an oil, but not something you can smooth over your skin. Once you rinse it off, your skin does feel soft and clean but I can't say it's made my skin look brighter. it leaves no oily residue, but I would always suggest you double cleanse at night anyway, especially if your wearing makeup.

The packing of this product is something a lot of people have been talking about, while it's certainly chic looking (and rather like Origins packaging I must say) the lack of a pump is the biggest let down. It has a huge opening and it's a rather runny texture, so a pump would work so much  more effectively!  Another thing worth mentioning is it does smell amazing, really light and fruity, and does feel like a higher-end product that it is.

At £10.99 it's very reasonably priced, and a little will go along way, so I 100% think it's worth a try.
Available here.


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