NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Cleanser Review

Due to fact my skin hasn't got the best texture or tone in the world, i'm all over products that contain mild kinds of acid to help rectify that.This offering by Nip+ Fab is a high street player that contains 2% glycolic acid and claims to gently exfoliate & retexture, cleanse & purify and hydrate and smooth.

I had high hopes for this, I was hoping it was going to act the same way S&G peaches & clean did for me (but my skin is pretty use to it now) and leave my skin feeling super smooth and slightly raw (what can I say? I like that feeling, it feels like it's working!) and don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly pleasant product, but it's just not hard working enough for me, which can be said about so many of these types of products, they claim to be hard core, but somehow end up just not really doing much (Origins brighter by nature pads for example)

I use this on damp skin, and while it does feel rather unusual in terms of texture (kind of runny, and doesn't foam too much) and it smells nice and lemony, after I rinse it off my skin feels nice, and clean, but no more than that, and I can't say it has tone much in terms of brightening my skin or making it feel smoother.

at £7.95 per 150ml it's not bad value, but not something I think I will be buying again.

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