Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

I have been testing this range for a while now, and while I don't love every items from the line, I do really love the idea behind the brand. Lilly farm fresh products  are all made in a farm in Colorado, and are all made from fresh grown ingredients that are USDA certified organic. Maybe it's just me but I picture a little house in someones garden, where lovely ladies sit and make amazing natural skin care products.....ok, so i'm assuming it doesn't really work that way, but it does sound cool right?

I picked a few products from the line made for normal skin, but they do have ranges suited to other skin types as well. All the products come in lovely glass packing that would not look out of place in a shop, but still manage to look very natural.

First up we have the seaweed balancing cleanser. This is one of those products that I feel like the idea was amazing, but it's just not what I was looking for in terms of texture. It claims to tone, detoxify, balance & cleanse the skin. I have used this in the morning and while it's not unpleasant, it didn't leave my skin feeling super clean and the texture was very runny.Next, the balancing facial toner. I adore using toners that come in a spray bottle in the morning, there's something so refreshing about it don't you think? Anyway, this is really lovely. I just mist it over my face in the morning and it works a treat. It does have a very natural, strong herbal scent which I don't mind, but other may find too much. The oil free conditioning serum is my top pick from the range, it's a lightweight serum that really helps to mattify my skin ans sinks in beautifully. Bliss. Last but not least we have the rejuvenating enzyme mask. It's suggested you use this daily which I find rather strange for a mask, I only use them twice a week but this is rather odd.....if I didn't know any better I would say it's just a pot of honey. Honey is known to have amazing effects  on the skin so it's not surprising it's the number 1 ingredient, and is has that honey like texture as well. I apply this on dry, clean skin and it does leave your skin feeling smooth and clean, but i'm not sure it's very active at removing dead skin cells, as the name would suggest.

Overall this is a pretty interesting line, with rather unusual products, the only downside is they are only available online, meaning you will have to pay shipping if your not local.

Lily farm fresh skin care is available here  


*PR sample


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  2. I was wondering, do you buy any of the products you talk using your own money? I understand that companies offer to send you products and as a beauty guru you are inclined to tell your readers about new products, but is it necessary to review so many. I haven't been a reader of your blog for very long. But many of the posts I have read have been all about new products you've been sent. Is this your career or just a hobby you do on the side of your full time work?

  3. I try and review as many products as I can, both samples and ones purchased by myself because I like being able to give as much info out as possible so I do think it is necessary. I am ALWAYS 100% honest about what i'm sent and my opinion on it, so it's not an issue really. I buy ALLOT of products myself but enjoy being able share the newer things with my viewers readers, to expose them to brands that may not know of.