Amie Morning Dew matte-finish moisturiser

My skin has always been pretty oily, and while I tend to use an SPF most mornings, on days where I don't have to leave the house, I like to use a light oil-free moisturizer. This offering by Amie claims to provide you with the softest, dewiest shine-free skin, which is right up my street!

Amie products are fast becoming one of the best skin care brands from the drugstore that cater to young skin, with a pretty, girly approach rather than the "FAST! SPOTS! OIL! ATTACK WITH SUPER HARSH PRODUCTS!" approach most brands targeting young skin tend to go for (Ok they don't shout, but you get the idea) and I think it's a refreshing change. This moisturizer doesn't contain mineral oil, parabens or sulfates, and is good for those of you who are perhaps vegan.

In all honesty when it comes to an oil-free moisturizer you can't really expect much, apart from it helping to keep your skin nice and matte, and this does just that. It has a lightweight texture that absorbs pretty fast, and has a yellow tint to it.....not sure what that does, but felt it worth a mention. It's very cheap and like all Amie products, smells amazing,  so what more could you ask for?

Amie morning dew matte-finish moisturizer is available here  and in most boots stores, for a very reasonable £4.95.   


*PR sample

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