Hair envey

What is it about hair?
As women, it is so common to say you hate your hair or be having a "bad hair day". When it come to hair why is it always a case of the grass is always greener?

Hair is always there, sitting on top of your head waiting. Wating for you to brush it, cut it, dye it, wash it style it and it is easyer then say, changing your body.

As women we always want to change somthing about our self and hair does give you that power. The power to change your mousy brown hair in to glossy blonde locks.
At the same time, i think we all have insecurities(well about almost everything but hey, thats us girls for you!) about our hair.

There will always be a girl on TV , at work or even some poor girl walking past you in the street  who will have amazingly beautiful hair and then, enter what we call hair envey.

We all have our issues about our hair
I would love my hair to be this long

Or had this much body.

If you have curly hair, you will always want  straight sleek hair, and if  your hair is straight you would love a full head of curls, that is just the way the world works. Perfect hair takes alot of work.............and how many of us are willing to put that amount of work in to HAIR? well, most of us ladies.

Do you have hair envey? if so who is it?


  1. Massive hair envy for Kim Kardashian- my hair's long & thick, but it lacks that WOW factor... guess I'll have to invest in some stellar products & experiment! x

  2. yea she has the MOST amazing hair! x

  3. Just so you know. The Kardashian's have little helpers when they have such thick long hair, as does Jennifer Lopez in that first picture. And they are...extensions! Whether they are clip in's or individual bonded pieces, that is not technically all their own hair.