My style icons- sarah jessica parker

I  love looking at photos of amazing beautiful women and getting inspired by their amazing different looks.

My first style icon is not very surprising or original, yes it is sarah jessica parker.
What can I say about her really i mean the woman is just the epitomy  of fashion and style. And yes i know her SATC looks are down to the amazing stylist patricia fields but hey, if you can wear a ballerina dress and an over the top hats and look really fab rather then totally silly, I take my hat off to you.
Take this photo for example, I love this look. so modern yet ladylike classy, fun and chic.

I love this look too.
I love how over the top she can be the hair, the huge flower but then she mixes it up with the dark gladiator sandals.

How can we talk about SJP without mentioning the shoes?!?
I love shoes just as much as her and i love how fun her shoes always are.

Finally,I love her curly hair! as a curly girl too, I know it can be hard to embrace it and it can also get in the way of getting that classy polished look. Yet SJP  always look fun and chic with her beautiful curly hair.

do you LOVE SJP'S style as much as i do?

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