Review time: Soap & glory flake away body scrub

I do love a good body scrub and soap & glory have really lovely body scrubs in thier range.

The lastest one i have tried is the flake away scrub that contains shea butter, suger and peach seeds.

So my lovey ladies, you ask what is it like?

True to this company, the packging is super cute and retro.

The consistency is lovely, thick, ever so slightly oily and very moisturising and  leaves the skin feeling  very smooth with a lovely sheen due to the shea butter (not so good as a pre- fake tan scrub for that reason)

The scent is really lovely it's sweet, peachy and yummy!

This is a lovely body scrub that would be great for those of us with dryer skin who still like a good scrub that feels like it is doing somthing and helpin make your skin look and feel amazing.

have any of you tryed this? what did you think?

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