My favorite make up looks

What with so much amazing makeup on the market and even more amazing make up  images for us to see, it can be a little overwhelming.

Still, there are always looks that will never go out of style. They just change and you must adapt them self's to the  current trend but the core of them will never change.

Smokey eyes with  a pale lip- I think the reason this look works time after time is it is so versitle. Creating a smokey eye has never been easyer and you can use any shade you wish. As for the lips, they can be a pink nude or a beige nude, matte or glossy you just need to find the shade that works best on your skintone to avoide it washing you out.

Always a fan of the smokey eye and nude lip, the lovely kim k

Flawless glowing skin- The reason this look is so loved is because it's universally flattering. We all want to have amazing skin that looks clear, bright glowing, healthy and full of dimension. This can be a little harder to create, as skin is effected by so many things, but a good basic skincare routine, a good night's sleep and plenty of water along with some help from a good foundation, concealer and proucuts that add structure to the facelike bronzer and hilghter can really work wonders.

Red lipstick- This one has always been such a classic because it is as old as time.Old school movie startes would use red lipstick and that vibe has stuck around. I  personally love a cool toned red lip with pale skin but there are so many ways you can wear a red lip:

Super sleek and classy

Young and funkey

Strong brows- I  love a good strong brow. I really dislike thin brows with no presence. brows are such an important part of your face, it is a crime to not use them to your advantge! all women should fill in thier brows and give them a little more structure as it can make such an impact to your face.

The bronze godess- Think J LO when you think of this look. Its fun, sun kissed and super sexy and gives that " I just got back from hoilday" feel.

 What are your favorite make up looks?


  1. I'm definitely a fan of both the smokey eye look and the flawless glowing skin, although my skin is far from flawless hahaha! But to me there's nothing prettier than a fresh glowing skin! I wish I could use red lipstick but I think you need to be really confident to pull that off and sadly that's not the case lol.
    Loving your blog, can't wait to see some OOTD posts! :))

  2. Loving the strong brows as well! You're right about the second look - it's timeless!