Review time: neutrogena wave power cleanser

Truth be told I would really love a clarisonic.
However,they are so pricy that I find myself always looking at skin brushes,exfoliating sponges and just skincare gadgets in genrall really! trying to find a cheaper dupe for the coveted clarisonic so in true carrie bradshaw style, i couldnt help but wonder when i saw this product if it could be the answer to my prayers.

Well, it's not.
The neutrogena wave power cleanser uses gentle vibrations to cleanse your skin in a more efficient way. The starter pack contains the wave, a single AA battery, as well as a two week supply of single-use, disposable cleansing pads. How it works is you attache a pad to the wave, wet it, switch it on and start to run it over your face.
this is the wave

The wave is very fast and easy to use,It can be used at a sink or in the shower ,It only takes up as much space as a bar of soap and your skin will feel amazingly soft after using it. It is a nice idea but i just feel like it may be to gental, even for everyday use. Also, the foam the pads produces if of a very thin constancy and I like a thicker foam.

I do think if your are a very lazy person when it comes to cleansing your face this would be perfect for you as it is so easy to use.

have you tried it? what are your thoughts about this product?

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  1. I would love to try this, i probs will get it...would rather a clarasonic thou!!! xx