Face of the day

I went out last night and just felt like doing a nice sexy smokey eye with a nude lip to match.
not very  adventurous I know, but am I the only one who feels like there is something very safe about this combo? no matter how I feel I know it always looks good and feels sexy.

what i used:
And may i just say, i love NARS sheer glow so much!

The look:

how do we feel about the fail-safe option of a smoky eye and nude lip combo, classic sexy or boring?


  1. your so pretty, love this face of the day, simple makeup ftw :) x

  2. I think you look lovely.. But I wouldn't call that a smokey eye.. Don't get me wrong, it is a look I personally would go for.. Don't like it to be too heavy.. But from your vids, bold lips look amaaazing on you..

    I love your videos.. You're very informative and I enjoy listening to what you have to say.. And now that you have a blog.. I'm definitely following =D

  3. btw.. could you name the producs under the photos? That would be very helpful

    Thanks hun =)

  4. I am currently watching some of your videos, I absolutely love it!!
    and I like this post. I have the similar products as you. A random question: what camera did you use for this post?