My imaginary Net-a-porter wish list...

This is my secret guilty pleasure, yes, I have an unhealthy tendency to log on only to drool over some of the worlds most exquisite items, only to then feel bad because I know the likely-hod of me ever being able to afford them is......well, below zero.

So here you have it, my "If I win a £million this is what i'll be buying" list. Prepare to drool away...........

Be honest, you have got dribble on your chin right now haven't you? (I so have) I love looking at things like this because they are just so beautifully made, and so luxe looking....but come at a very,very high price tag, that is pretty much pure ridiculousness.....but, they are oh so nice to look at! and hey, a girl can dream right?

Good night my darlings xx 


  1. Wow! Really good taste! Gorgeous! I want them too!!

  2. Those turquoise heels are amazing!