Skin as white as snow...

I'm sat on my sofa just chilling (while my man and his best mate are watching the dreaded football) and looking out of my window at the beautiful snow that has settled all over the garden. I'm not a fan of snow when I have to go out in it, but from the safety of my warm house, I love it.

Looking at it has got me thinking, all my life I have been obsessed with being tanned. When I was younger I was all about sunbathing and going bright red (I told myself it would turn brown one day) and then when I realized I didn't fancy giving my skin a helping hand in premature aging,soI got good with the SPF and protecting my skin (I am still a fan of sunbathing however) But seen as how I do go very dark in the sun , my starting point is not very dark. My natural skin color is a pretty yellow toned medium, has the potential to look slightly sickly, type of skin.

I think most of us look better with a little color on us, but I know I look better with  a deep tan, it makes me look more healthy and exotic (so i'v been told) so I do tend to lay on the fake tan to cheat my J LO glow.But, all of a sudden, because it's been so cold i'v not been bothering to fake tan and have found I'm actually kind of enjoying being pale. I know I need makeup when i'm pale or my face looks flat, but it's a nice change for me and being so covered at the moment means no one apart from me and my other half really get to see any flesh so who cares?

That being said, i'm pretty sure it's just a phase that will pass as soon as it's not snowing and cold I will feel the need bronze it up a little, but for now I feel like snow-white.   

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  1. Fair skin is lovely and very desirable in a large portion of the world. Fake tan is generally not very pretty but a light natural glow from the sun can be nice :)