Organic surge daily care face wash

I must admit that organic surge was a brand I would always look at with interest, but having oily skin made me think the products would just not be very effective for me and I never purchased anything. Organic surge's ethos is to create organic skin care that contains no SLS or parabens at an affordable price, and are very kind to the skin.

I'm a huge believer in deep cleansing at night, so in the morning I like to use a light face wash to just cleanse my skin and freshen it up, and this works perfectly. It's a light foaming cleanser that cleanses your skin without over-drying it, something that's super important during the winter time. It contains natural aloe vera and organic oils in it to help brighten up your dull winter skin, something I always need in the morning! 

It's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, but is pretty strongly scented, it has a very natural, herbal scent (which I love) but it may not be everyone's taste. The packaging of this face wash is really nice too, as it comes with a pump dispenser so you get exactly the right amount of gel out for each use. I use it in the shower, I wet my face with warm water, then use one pump and massage it all over my skin, then rinse it off and continue with the rest of my morning skincare routine.

Organic skincare can be pricey, but at £5.19 this is super affordable and you can buy it at most health food stores, waitrose, John Lewis, fresh and wild, wholefoods and ocado, as well as independent pharmacies. 

I have a few more organic surge products i'm loving at the moment (reviews to come) but I would love to know what organic surge products you love!

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