VICHY Idealia Pro dark spot corrector

Despite that fact I wear sunscreen daily I have somehow managed to get sun spot on my face, mainly around my cheek area and I suffer from dark patches and just general uneven skin tone. I had been looking around for the most effective products to help combat this and had seen many glowing reviews for the  VICHY Idealia Pro dark spot corrector.

I have such faith in french skin care brands as I love how scientific they are. This dark spot corrector claims to be the "ideal perfector uniform complexion" and targets brown spots,sun spots,age spots, blemish marks and blotchiness. It's suitable for even sensitive skin and is paraben-free. Vichy claim you will see a visible result in 4 weeks, your skin will appear more even looking and luminous.

I had been using this daily for over 4 weeks and at first, I did notice a little change, my dark spots did look slightly lighter, but i'm pretty sure it was just an initial result as I have not seen a huge difference since then. In terms of texture, it has a light texture, somewhere between a serum and a light moisturizer and has a light fresh scent. The packaging of this product is lovely, a pale pink and silver tube that comes with a pump dispenser (one pump is enough to cover my hole face)  and it sinks in to the skin very fast. I'm pretty sure it broke me out a little at first, but it could have been other things I had been testing out so I will let it off.

At £29.00 per 30ml it's not cheap, and I will continue using it, but I don't think I would repurchase as I need something a little more brightening, but if all you have a very light pigmentation this would be a good option and it's hard to come across good products for dark spots on the high street, although I have heard good things about the Garnier one...

Available here  http://www.boots.com/en/Vichy-Idealia-Pro-Dark-Spot-Corrector_1277148/


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  1. Hey lady - thanks for saving me 34€! I've been eyeing it up as have some pigmentation after the summer and even though its fading I wanted to make it fade a bit quicker. Wont be purchasing it now. I have used Clinique Even better before and it didn't really do anything. Shisheido is meant to have great products for pigmentation (would make sense as its a japanese brand) but haven't splashed out on any yet! Sanni (missmai27) xx

    1. That does make sense, I am going to give the garnier one a try soon and see how that works, I had such high hopes for this, it's a shame xx

  2. I've tried the Garnier one for dark spots left from breakouts and it seemed to help. Not sure if you've heard this before but some hyperpigmentation is caused from certain hormones found in birth control and they usually don't start to fade unless you stop using them.

    1. Wow that makes sense, i'll have to look in to that.