Healthy diet changes!

So some of you may know (or may not, that's ok too) that i'm trying to get back to my normal weight, and get my eating habits back on track, so by making a few simple changes  to my diet I have managed to lose some weight (not enough yet, but it's a grate start!) and i'm feeling so much more in control of what i'm eating.

Here are a few simple changes you can make to your diet that will help you feel better, and lose a few pounds!

*Go for low-fat when it comes to things like dairy and mayonnaise. Choosing low-fat milk, cheese and yogurts will save you so many calories and you won't really miss the flavor. I don't eat hard cheese such as Cheddar very often as even the lower-fat versions are pretty high in calories, but when it comes to milk and soft cheese, it's low-fat all the way. Another thing is mayo, now this may sound odd, but I adore it, I would put it on pretty much anything and it's so high in fat! I now eat the light version (they do an extra light, and even lighter than light version, but I don't like them very much as they taste more like salad cream rather than mayo) and it saves so many unnecessary calories.

*Think brown when it comes to carbs. Carbs are my weakness. Give me things like bread, pasta, pizza and potatoes and i'm happy, and while they are an important part of a healthy diet, I was eating way too much of them. Now I try and limit my carb intake by only eating hole-grain versions. So only brown bread, hole grain cereal, holewheat couscous and wholewheat pasta. I also try to not eat cabs at night because i'm not burning them off, but if I do I have very small portions.

*Eat more fruit and veg! This is a no-brainer, but i'm eating fruit on a daily basis and getting lots of veg in my soups.

*Pick healthy snacks over high fat ones. I use to snack on this like chocolate and biscuits, and they are all pretty high in fat and calories. 

*Be calorie aware. I'm not saying count every calorie that goes in to your mouth, but just be aware of what your eating and how much it all adds up to.

*Ditch the fatty crisps. Crisps are another one of my weaknesses, I just love them but rather than eating the ones that are high in fat (pringles anyone?) I now eat the baked versions, which are a little better for you and don't contain as much fat.

I hope these tips help those of you who are struggling with your weight, but once you get in to it, it's so easy and really will change you, and your body.



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