Review time-No7 Beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser

You know I adore hot cloth cleansers, and this is another one I have been testing out. I love the luxuriousness of using a hot cloth cleanser, because it really makes you feel pampered, and lets face it, we all love that!

No7 describe this as a hot cloth cleanser that's suitable for all skin types, and reveals soft, hydrated radiantly smooth skin and the process removes dead skin cells whilst stimulating circulation.....sound promising right? This cleanser cost £10 but to be honest, I never buy No7 products full price. I always, always wait till you can get those £5 off No7 vouchers because I feel like they are slightly over priced for what they are, so in my eyes this cleanser cost £5, and is all I would pay for it.

I know that at this point you are thinking "how similar is it to the classic Liz Earle C&P?" and I can say it's not at all like the C&P, but in a nice way....I like the packaging of this product and you get allot for your money with 200ml, and a muslin cloth to polish it off with. It does feel very rich and luxurious on the skin, and has a lovely thick, creamy texture. As far as scent goes, it has a very clean fresh smell, and if you are a regular user of No7 products you will know the scent I mean. I have been using this cleanser at night and my skin always feels very smooth and clean, but I do think it would probably be more suited for someone with dryer skin, as it is pretty hydrating.

So there you have it, my thoughts on yet another hot cloth cleanser, i'm a little obsessed! so if you were wondering what to do with your No7 vouchers, I would give this cleanser a go, especially if  your skin is a little dehydrated. 

Have you used this before? what do you use your No7 vouchers on?


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