Review time-Soap&Glory peaches&clean deep cleansing milk!

I know I have recently been mentioning lots of  S&G products, but I have been really enjoying them ! I have had this cleanser for a few weeks now, after telling myself I was not going to buy it (I do that very often, I  often fail) but I caved and bought it because some lovely YouTube ladies had been raving about it (Missbudgetbeauty and HollyTMBB i'm talking to you!) saying how amazing it was in conjunction with the clarsonic, so I felt it would be an injustice to my clarsonic not to buy it.....but sadly, I was wrong.

Before you think this is going to be a bad review, I should mention that I do really like this cleanser. S&G describe it as a 4-in1 deep wash off deep cleansing milk that is suitable for all skin types ,has a special clogged T-zone formula and can purify, energize and melt away makeup. It contains some lush ingredients such as peach extract and jojoba oil, and has the most incredible scent, most people say it smells like peaches (hence the name) but it's not just your average peachy scent, to me it sells like a peach mojito, it has something slightly fresh and minty about it. In terms of consistency, the word milk is pretty accurate. It's a thin, white milky texture that feel nice on the skin, but it's not my thing in terms of texture, I prefer a thicker, creamier consistency, but that is really down to personal preference.

For £7 you get 200ml of product,which  comes in your typical pretty S&G packaging and in a pump action bottle, so it's very comfortable to use.  My main issue with this cleanser is that fact that I just don't think it works very well with the clarsonic,(my perfect match is the Nutrogene visibly clear 2in1 wash and mask),it's just too thin for my liking, I actually prefer is used alone, because when used with the clarsonic it kind of disappears in to nothing, and leaves the brush a little stark (if that's the right word).

Overall, I think the hype around this product worked against it, because I was expecting something really amazing, and while it's a nice cleanser,and it smells amazing, it has made no visible difference to my skin  and it just doesn't work for me in terms of consistency, I have been using it every morning and my face just isn't left as clean as I would like, and lets face it, while it's not expensive, it's not the cheapest cleanser too, and the price would be no issue for me if this was a product that I adored, but I just like it, and i'm not sure a "like" is worth paying £7 to buy it again.

What do you guys think? have any of you used it?


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