Review time- Sopa&Glory The fab pore hot cloth cleanser.

Every since I used the classic cult hot cloth cleaner by Liz Earle, I have been slightly obsessed with hot cloth cleansers. I don't what it is about them, but I just love applying them and giving my skin a really deep cleanse and I've tried so many over the years, the latest one being the S&G version.

The concept behind a hot cloth cleanser is simple: A cream cleanser is applied on dry skin, massaged in, and removed with a muslin cloth to give the skin a gentle exfoliation and give it a more polishes appearance. I know some of you like to use hot cloth cleansers to remove your make up as they do do a fabulous job at it, but I'm not one of those girls. I just think it's better to remove your makeup properly with an oil-based makeup remover and then cleanse your skin (i'm a huge believer in double cleansing anyway) and that way you also use less product as well.

The S&G hot cloth cleanser comes in the typical retro-cute packaging that we all know and love, and is described by S&G as a hot cloth cleanser that has a 3in1 deep purifying formula, and has panthenol, sweet almond, orange and lavender oils in it.Now, a word of warning for those of you who are fans of fragrance-free products, this has a very,very strong lavender scent (so also a warning for lavender haters) which I personally love, but it may not be for everyone.

In terms of consistency, it's a thick, lush feeling cream that is easy to massage in to your skin and it also comes with a free muslin cloth for you to use to remove the cleanser. I rub this all over my skin while it's dry, let is sit for a few minutes and then run the muslin cloth under hot water and place it on my face to act as a facial steamer. I then use it to polish the cleanser off in circular motions, and then run the cleanser under cold water to just close up my pores and refresh my skin. The only thing I have to say about this cleanser is for some reason, when I use it on my lips it leaves them feeling a little tingly, almost like I applied a lip plumping product...it's not unpleasant, but it's just something to bare in mind. In terms of price and availability, you can buy this in boots stores, online, and on the Soap&Glory website for £10 per 100ml so it's not over priced, but it's not the best in terms of what you get for your money (The No7 cleanser for example is also £10 but you get 200ml) but it is a really lovely cleanser, and another grate performing product by S&G.

Have any of you used it? what did you think?

*I was very kindly sent this by Soap&Glory as a PR sample.



  1. Never used it before, but it sounds ok :P


  2. Mmm Sounds lush!