Review time-SPA FIND salt brushing natural body exfoliation.

You all know how much I love at-home pamper nights.Nothing beats that cared for and pampered feeling you get when you give yourself the full treatment:  Body brushing, using a body scrub and a face scrub, a face mask and a hair mask and then getting out the bath and applying  a lovely body butter....ahhh just saying it is putting me in pamper mode!

I was very kindly sent a few products to review by the lovely Kelly at SPA FIND, and I have been using them for the past few days (fear not, all reviews will follow!) and last night I gave the SPA FIND Heavenly Hydration salt brushing natural body exfoliation a try. The ethos behind their products is lovely as they use non-comedogenic formulas that infuse natural de-ionised  water and pure dead sea minerals  and organic plants extracts, and their products contain no parabens or animal ingredients, so I was very happy to try them out.

The salt brushing treatment is a an exfoliation treatment that combines dead sea salt (to remove dead skin cells) and vitamin E and coconut oil to soften the skin. The difference with this product is, you use it on dry skin and it's really unlike most body scrubs i'v ever used. The salt grains are quite large and I would advise standing in the bath or shower  while applying it, unless you fancy having salt all over your bathroom, which i'm sure you don't! After  rubbing it all over your skin in circular motions (while it's dry) you are then meant to step in a warm bath to help detoxify your skin and leave you feeling relaxed, and your skin smooth and soft. It was a real pleasure to use and my skin felt very soft and smooth (on a side note, this is not a good scrub to use pre-fake tan as it leaves a slight oily residue on your skin that will prevent the tan from working) and has a very relaxing scent.  I felt super relaxed and pampered, and got in to bed feeling amazing....that was until the phone rang and my night turned in to the most unlucky night ever, but we will leave that for another post!

If any of you want to take a look at some more SPA FIND products, visit this website:



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