My thoughts on the DR NICK LOWE purifying foaming cleanser and oil control day cream

I'm always a fan of simple skin care that mixes hard working ingredients with science, and this is exactly what you get with these fab Dr Nick Lowe products. Dr Nick Lowe is British dermatologist who practices at his Cranley clinics in London and LA and his skin care philosophy is a very simple one. He believes in  prevention and repair using clinically tested products with the highest quality ingredients. Now I for one find that idea really refreshing as I feel like there is so much skin advice out there and we as consumers are always being told about "the next big thing" that it can sometimes seem very confusing, especially if you have problematic skin .

2 years ago, my skin took a turn for the worst. I say this in a very dramatic voice as I have always had pretty good skin, but for some reason I started getting regular breakouts on my forehead and chin area, so I turned the Dr Nick Lowe products, I got the cleanser, toner and the day cream and I loved them all. They cleared my skin up without drying it, but for some reason I didn't bother to review them (probably because my blog didn't exist then, and I felt silly making a video about 3 products....I was just starting out then ok?! haha) but I was very kindly sent these to review, which is gr8 because I knew I liked them already, and due to hormonal changes, my skin has not been it's best lately so they came just in time.

First up we have the Dr Nick Lowe purifying foaming cleanser. This is a anti-bacterial foaming face wash that cleanses deep down your pores and removes daily impurities without over stimulating sebum secretion, which is very important as I know if you suffer from oily skin and blemishes it can seem very tempting to want to remove all the oil from your skin, but all that does is makes your skin feel stripped and therefor it  overcompensates  by producing more oil, and so thevicious cycle continues.This cleanser contains plant enzyme exfoliators to help get rid of dead skin cells whiles other active ingredients help  regulate surface oils and keep bacteria away. It comes in a white, pump action bottle that dispenses foam, which I then apply on my wet face, massage my skin and rinse off. What you are left with is super,soft, clean skin that feel fresh, yet not dry. In terms of consistency It's a thin, light foam that feels lovely to apply, and really does help prevent blemishes (I must also point of I use this after I use my first cleanser with my clerasonic, to double cleanse) .At £10.20 per 120ml this is not the cheapest cleanser on the market, but it's not expensive either, and is available in larger Boots stores nation wide.

The oil control day cream is £15.31 per 50ml and I would highly recommend this cleanser if you have oily skin, but you are a little older and want something a little more special that just a regular oil-free moisturizer.
It's described as a unisex daily cream that is light and has UV protection to help regulate surface oils, and deliver ultimate hydration. I love everything about this product, it has a lightweight, yet hydrating formula and leaves your skin feeling super smooth, yet not oily or shiny. It's a grate base under makeup and I just think it's a class above your average moisturizer for oily skin.

These are not the most hyped products, nor the most glamorous or pretty, yet the have something that is truly important, and often over looked in the beauty world: They really do work!

Have any of you used these? what did you think? I have heard good things about the Dr Nick Lowe eye creams, have any of you used those?



  1. Saw this via youtube, can you tell me the full ingredient list. Does it have silicones and wax? Those ingredients tends to clog my pores which why I'm asking.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. I love this stuff! Including the spot gel - it is brilliant in spot emergencies!