A few days ago I got a phone call from my man asking if I could come and open the door for him as he had bags in his hand, so I opened my front door and there, on the floor was a grey and pink cardboard box.....I knew what it was! what I was unsure about, is why my postman has this annoying habit of leaving my packages outside the front door, instead of ringing the door bell. I am almost always home during the morning, so it's just lazy on his part!

Now that my little rant is over, it's time to share with you what I got in my box!

MEMEME sensuous nail gloss- I do like MEMEME products, and this is a really pretty color (i'm wearing it now) but it's just not the most flattering shade on my coloring....lovely shade if you are a little paler though.  

BM BEAUTY summer warmth bronzer-This comes in a cute tiny little sample pot, and I was terrified to open it in case it went all over the floor as it's a loose bronzer, but it's was actually mess free! It's described as a multi- purpose pure mineral bronzer, and it really is a beautiful shade, but i'd wear it on my eyes as it's pretty shimmery....it looks lovely on eyes, a really soft, bronze peach color.

CAUDALIE EAUX FRAICHS- I know fragrance samples are usually pretty controversial, and i'm normally the first to agree with that, but this truly is the exception.  Not only is it a beautiful, fresh scent, but  at last it comes in a good size glass bottle with a spritzer! no more of those silly little bottles of perfume with a screw top that go everywhere! this is the perfect thing to carry around in your hand bag to freshen up.

GLOSSYBOX Pro beauty brush- This is a natural goat hair blush brush that feels like it's decent enogh quality, and I think brushes are always handy to have around.

VICHY DERMABLEND ULTRA CORRECTIVE FOUNDATION CREAM STICK- I was super excited about these as  they seem so high coverage, and it's grate you get to try so many shades, but they are not as much coverage as I was thinking they were  going to be. 

So that's it.....over all it's a nice box, and I do love the fragrance but there was no stand out product for me this month....maybe next time? but until then, let me know what you got in yours.

*This was sent to me as  PR sample, but as always, I am giving my honest opinion.


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