Moroccanoil dupe-Vo5 miracle concentrate

I am always one for products that promise you healthier, glossier hair. But sadly, being the beauty junkie that I am, I always tend to go for the cult products (yes mr YSL touche eclat  i'm talking to you) but I really should know better by now as they often are so easily dupeable and very often, not the best option out there anyway.

That was why I was beyonde existed to try the Moroccanoil hair oil treatment. I love the idea of these types of products as they tend to be super nourishing but very light weight, which works well with my very curly hair because it is so long, a cream tends to weight it down so a light oil should be perfect. Moroccanoil claims  the treatment:

  • Revives hair.
  • Strengths and conditions.
  • Reduces drying time.

Well......it doesn't.I do however,love the packaging, the colors are amazing and I adore how chic  the glass bottle looks  (although not so grate for traveling.)

So the  question remains,  is it worth it's cult product status? 
At a very hefty price tag (at around £30 per 100 ml) I can sadly (well not very sad for your bank account but still...) say no, it's not. The oil name perhaps is deceiving because it is not a very oily consistency, it's more like a thick serum and for that reason I find it's harder for your hair to absorb it. Don't get me wrong ladies, it's a nice product, but for £30 you want something that will really benefit your hair.

So I went about my life after I finished the bottle of moroccanoil, not planing on buying it again but still wanting somthing similar, that nourished my hair, reduced frizz and left my silky and glossy. So you could imagine how existed I was when I found out vo5 was doing a similar product (both products main ingredients are  Argan oil and silicon I may add.) coincidentally, due to the hype over the moroccanoil a few more companies have since launched similar things, but none as inexpensive as the vo5 one.That was why I felt trying the vo5 one would be the most interesting as the are both from totally different ends of the price scale. The vo5 miracle concentrate is £5 per 50 ml (but very often even less as it goes on sale  for around £3!) and  I love it. It claims to:

  • Condition dry,frizzy and damaged hair.
  • Leave hair soft and smooth
  • Add shine
  • Reduce drying time and damage from heat styling.
And it does!
This really is amazing for the price because it is the same as the M'oil (I'm sure you know what that is short for?) in that is is not an oil, its a serum and the best part of all is it leaves my hair feeling noticeably less damaged and although the packaging is not as sleek as the M'oil, it is still pretty cute and I love the little pipit. It is also plastic so much more traval friendly.

Another thing I love about the vo5 product is how widely available it is. The M'oil is only available online or in selected hair salons,where as the Vo5 miracle concentrate is available in Boots, Superdrug and most major supermarkets! So super easy to get your hands on. In this  particular case you can't help but wonder do all cult products really deserve the hype or are we just creating the hype ourselves so it's more existing? so we feel like we are getting a piece of the amazing "it" product and feel like we are really treating ourselves? maybe. But among-st all the hype we forget something extremely  important:
Is it really worth it? Not in this case.


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